Your hair in summer: how to hydrate and protect it from the sun naturally?

Your hair in summer: how to hydrate and protect it from the sun naturally?

The summer season has arrived. The beach, pool, vacation, heat, and ice cream bars are back to stay, at least for the coming months. Nevertheless, despite who gets upset;  Summer has some drawbacks that must be taken into account to avoid them as much as possible. These may relate both to your body , like your hair . The “cons” summery that can be harmful to your hair are the sunlight , chlorine and salt , depending on whether you are more than beach or pool.

Sunbathing in perspective

Whatever your holiday destination a very prolonged sun exposure will remain one of the drawbacks of summer. For this reason you should keep in mind that adequate protection and deep hydration you will be great to prevent damage to your hair.

The sun affects your hair directly because of the UVB / UVA rays impinging on earth. As with the skin and although until recently has not been paid special attention to it, your hair needs to be protected against them. Otherwise, you can see damaged its tone, structure and strength.

First, submit to sunbathe more than 15/20 minutes followed is not beneficial neither for your body and for your hair. Of course, this recommendation does not mean you can not enjoy a quiet summer day, but in that case, you have to moisturize your hair thoroughly . At present there are many products that combine sun protection factors with vegetable oils rich for your hair. Some examples are:

  1. Almond oil : with it not only hydrates the hair in depth, it is also  protected from the sun. You have to apply for 10 minutes on the hair between the first and last sudsy. It is also recommended to incorporate routine Bathroom a shampoo or mask enriched with almond milk . This also nourish and leave it strong to the sun.
  2. Coconut oil: Indian women use it as usual mask to nourish her long jet black manes. This oil regenerate hair fibers and give you back everything you lost during bathing. It can be applied as a mask before showering and for 30 minutes but those with oily and / or fine hair should use it once a week at most.
  3. Argan oil : this precious liquid gold of Morocco is a treasure trove of benefits for skin and hair, it nourishes, brightens, regenerates and freshens uniquely. Usually it found in moisturizing and protective creams, serums and soaps. It applies means to ends both before and after sunbathing.
  4. Carrot oil : on carrot is one of the food TOP summer for his great contribution in beta carotene . Its oil is very beneficial for before and after the sun , because not only nourishes, it also gives provitamin A , ideal for strengthening internal and external structure of your skin and hair . Recommended for use when it has already taken some bronzed skin.cabello_verano3_post

Between chemicals and minerals: chlorine and salt

Chlorine and salt act silently : spies penetrate the hair fibers and scalp altering its natural balance . In combination with a long sun exposure, these elements dwindle hair vitality and leave it dull, weak, dry and brittle . For this reason, here are some tips to avoid damage:

  1. Wet your hair in fresh water before bathing : the wise moms have always recommended, although they did to avoid cuts digestion. Ideally , wetting the hair with water shower before bathing. Thus, the hair will absorb “clean water” and will not be nourished by chlorine or salt water .
  2. Put oil or conditioner on your hair : the oils return to the fray. They and conditioners will create an insulating layer on the hair, preventing it from absorbing unwanted substances. Which do not require rinsing most useful and comfortable .
  3. Finish your bath with a little vinegar : after showering, it is advisable to rinse the hair with a little apple cider vinegar lowered water or wine. This product, when acid, removes chlorine residues and salt complete and delicate shape . In addition, it will give you a bonus of vitality and strength . If you do not see clear use vinegar directly, you have at your disposal treatments that incorporate it among their ingredients.

cabello_verano2_postOf course there are different types of hair , but these tips can be applied to each and every one. However , and for instance, if your hair is oily , try not to use depending on what type of masks or conditioners, and not overdo too much of the oils. This type of hair, producing more sebum, can afford a summer day without much help as the rest. Similarly, if you have a dry hair , I try moisturize daily. You can also apply yourself a natural and homemade mask with olive oil base or other nutritional products that fit in the pantry.

The most important thing is to maintain a healthy long hair care , regardless of the season. Before starting the summer, sanitizes the tips , cutting and hydrating properly. Also, try not dye your hair too much and incorporate enriched with oils and plant extracts products in the habits of daily shower or bath. Thus, the hair will look healthy, strong, shiny and , what is better prepared for those long summer sun baths.

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