Your defenses 100% with prebiotics and probiotics


Your defenses 100% With prebiotics and probiotics

We hear about prebiotics and probiotics  often, especially when cold weather approaches because they are closely linked to strengthening our immune system . However, do we know enough of them? It prebiotics and probiotics are complementary as a prebiotic food serves to enhance other probiotic. With this symbiosis we strengthen our body and better prepared to defend ourselves from external attacks.

The  probiotics are those containing live microorganisms or “good” bacteria that help reinforce our defenses. These “they survive” living digestion and large intestine, helping to restore the intestinal flora that may have been altered for some reason come. These foods are, for example, dairy drinks or yogurts.

The prebiotic foods , however, are not living microorganisms but merely substances that stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria or probiotics in the colon. They are energy supplements for beneficial bacteria. Added to some foods (especially grains and flours) promote selective development of our intestinal flora and thus favor the defenses of our body.

 Did you know…?

Magazine  British Journal of Nutrition  by scientists at the York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC) in the UK, analyzed eight databases of works designed to evaluate the effects of supplementation with probiotics, specific strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, on the duration of respiratory tract infections in adults and children. They drew the conclusions from this study will not leave you indifferent:

  1. Intake of probiotics shortens significantly the mean duration of colds . Decreases the severity of cold symptoms and therefore is directly related to a decrease in absences from work or school.
  2. People who take probiotics are less likely to take antibiotics in cases of respiratory tract infections.
  3. Probiotics help regulate the immune system defending the body of a variety of pathogens associated with various diseases such as influenza.

 What can cook dishes containing prebiotic and probiotic action?

The more we help our body through food with prebiotics and probiotics, will be more protected against attacks on our defenses. Ideally to bring all the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics, we should consume a product containing 10 to the 7 live bacteria per cubic centimeter. Obviously, it’s not something we can calculate everything we eat, but if we pay attention to the specifications of the labels on food will detect if that food helps our defenses or not.

If you are of those in cold weather can not help resfriaros, I propose to play a little with food to be 100% and avoid enquistar a cold more than two weeks. Foods like garlic, onions and leeks are widely used as a base for sauces, stews or salad dressings containing inulin and fructooligosaccharides, natural prebiotics. Convert legumes usual ingredients of our dishes, which have raffinose and stachyose, with prebiotic action, it will help us. Tubers such as potatoes or sweet potatoes cooked with skin but without leaving overcook, retain their indigestible fiber which acts as a prebiotic in the intestine. Whole grains derived from wheat, oats or barley contain inulin, a natural prebiotic. Also asparagus or artichokes added to our recipes also bring their fructooligosaccharides and inulin our body.

Therefore, some examples of ideal plates to hold off our defenses could be these:

  1. Baked potato and leek
  2. Anchovies and tuna salad with pepper sauce escalibados
  3. arrocinas beans with artichokes and rib
  4. Grilled Leeks with mojo
  5. Yogurt dessert with strawberries
  6. Banana smoothie with yogurt and cereals

This week in will find a wide variety of prebiotic and probiotic products that will help strengthen your defenses here . Do not wait and help your body to get some defenses iron with prebiotics and probiotics.

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