Why is menstruation synchronized among women?

Why is synchronized menstruation Among women?

Have you ever noticed that your period is synchronized with your group of friends, coworkers or family closer? Is it really true or is it just a coincidence?

It seems strange but it is real, women living under one roof or spend many hours together tend to match their menstrual period. That is why, usually happens when you spend long periods with your friends, your coworkers or family.

This phenomenon is called menstrual synchrony and the first who investigated was the American psychologist Martha McClintock of the University of Chicago, founder of the Institute for Mind and Biology and Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1983. Dr. conducted a comprehensive study on the ” social regulation of ovulation “in the journal Nature in which he explained that the main cause of this behavior are pheromones .

What are pheromones?

The pheromones are secreted chemicals affect our body and luteinizing hormone (LH), responsible for the ovulatory cycle. To live several days with the same person, gradually pheromones do their function and begins to regulate the ovulatory cycle of all girls alike. That is, the so – called menstrual synchrony is activated.

Yes, that menstrual synchrony work well several months of living are needed, so it is only possible among women who are daily and / or have a close relationship. *

Other scientific studies:

In recent years it has investigated other possible interpretation of why the rule marks the rhythm with the women in your environment. Psychologist Luis Chiva of the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO) has developed an extensive thesis on the hypothalamus , endocrine gland in our brain that regulate menstrual cycles.

In his research on menstrual synchrony , Luis Chiva , the main cause the stimuli received by the hypothalamus entire shared environment. That is, the hypothalamus gland is released to receive stimuli that may be the same throughout its environment as the number of hours of light received by women, the same environmental temperature or the degree of fatigue and stress accumulated in the day, among other things. All these factors affect the menstrual cycle simultaneously, so you may run out sharing the same time with your friends, family or colleagues.


5 things you should not do when you have menstruation:

If you want to cope in the best way your menstrual cycle there are habits that you should stop doing during your days period, and when you get together with other girls who also have menstruation.

  1. Tweeze:  It ‘s not a good idea to shave during your period, especially if done with wax. When you have the rule, estrogen levels drop and physical pain intensified. So shaving can be a bad idea.
  2. Take more than 4 hours the same pack or tampax: If you do not want to have vaginal infections or smell bad, change the pad or tampax regularly. Your personal hygiene comes first. And if you dare with the menstrual cup we recommend Intimina Lily Cup , new protection for your softer, hygienic and safe period.
  3. Sit still: Forget the days “sofa, movie and blanket” with your friends and go out to have fun. If you stay at home will increase your anxiety.
  4. Eating account: It is normal to increase your food cravings and you inflate a little because of fluid retention when you have menstruation, but do not abuse food because you increase your caloric intake without reason.
  5. Eat dairy products and salt: Experts suggest that you avoid products such as milk, cheese or yoghurt and having arachidonic acid, a substance that can cause you more cramps in the lower abdomen. Also, if you eat a lot of salt when you have fluid retention rule will increase.


In short, it has not yet been able to demonstrate with certainty which is the reason why our period is synchronized with the women of our environment. But there is no clear answer does not mean that the above explanations are not true. Whatever the reason, if by biological, psychological or environmental factors, what truly matters is that you take care of your health and you have fun with your friends, family and co-workers in your day like other days period. To enjoy!

To cope with menstruation …

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