Why does your baby suck his finger?

Why does your baby suck His finger?

Seeing a baby with finger in the mouth is the most normal thing in the world, asleep, when they play and even while eating. And they do it well before birth, as evidenced by numerous ultrasounds where you can see how infants 13-14 weeks suck their little fingers.

But why do they do it ? What do they get with it? It is mainly a reflex action, namely a sucking reflex through which stimulate the nipple to generate prolactin, the hormone responsible for the secretion of milk. This gesture also involves a non – nutritive function, because the finger in the mouth gives them security, peace and tranquility. This need for non – nutritive sucking is soothing the pacifier .


Thumbsucking has benefits for the baby?

  1. If your baby passes the pacifier and prefer your finger, do not worry. In fact this will wake less often because you do not need anyone to help put the pacifier.
  2. In its first year of life, babies do not handle very stressful situations. If the gesture thumb sucking calms and reassures them can use it without waiting for someone to offer them a pacifier. It also gives them security against all the innovations that are discovered every day. What are many!
  3. It is a way to communicate. Your baby when thumb sucking may be because I have dream (scratches eyes too), hunger  (even whole fist will suck) or are nervous .

Nothing happens, but …

  1. When you start winning mobility or crawl, you should wash their hands more frequently to avoid germs entering through the mouth .
  2. Note that the pacifier is something physical that can take, so removing the thumb sucking habit may be more complicated. Parents can choose whether your baby use a pacifier or not, but ultimately it is the child who chooses you prefer.

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When it ceases to be normal?

The most common is that the child leave the habit of pacifier or thumb sucking progressively between two and four years . The Spanish Association of Pediatrics recommends that children not use pacifiers from the first year to avoid some health problems, especially those related to oral health . Maybe it’s going through your dentist if the problem persists suction to assess the dental development of children.

Remove the habit of thumb sucking

What to take his finger to his mouth should be finished before the permanent teeth appear between 6 and 7 years. Let’s see some tips to eradicate this gesture:

  1. Do not ridicule the child in front of others by sucking. If it’s a small habit that helped him to calm down, perhaps you keep doing it for the same reason and scolding in front of others only cause a counterproductive effect.
  2. Sometimes children suck their thumbs out of boredom, try to entertain you with something else.
  3. However, if the finger in the mouth is a symptom of sleep, try to change this habit for another like having a stuffed animal or doll to sleep.
  4. If the problem is due to insecurities, you can opt for a game where the child rewards to achieve the objectives proud taxes and increase your self-esteem.
  5. Talk to the child in a quiet moment, adequately explaining his age why thumb sucking is not good for him.

It is no problem that your baby suck finger. Eventually the habit will disappear and cease to cry all the time that about: A mouth nooooo!

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