Why does dandruff leave?

Why does dandruff leave?

Dandruff is usually an aesthetic and social problem for the visibility of those dead skin plates, but can also be very annoying as it can cause itching, redness and irritation of the scalp.

Dandruff is due to flaking of the scalp , it is a normal physiological process, but in some people is increasing and so is more visible and becomes a problem.
Scalp cells like cells throughout the body are continually renewed, that renewal begins deep in the skin and causes the outer layers fall off and give way to younger layers. The renewal process usually takes scalp month , but in some people the process is accelerated and can reach totally renewed in just two weeks. In these cases more dead skin flakes are formed and become larger visible.

The appearance of dandruff may be due to several factors:

– One of the main causes is a greater presence of some bacteria and fungi we have in our skin under normal circumstances. These microorganisms under normal conditions help us metabolize fat we produce and maintain healthy skin, but in some cases there are too many and then itching occurs and the process of skin renewal is altered.

– The stress can also be a trigger factor dandruff.

– An overproduction by the sebaceous glands of the scalp can also cause this problem.

– The genetic inheritance also influences us, our genes may predispose us to have dandruff.

– It can also be due to poor nutrition , lack of zinc can cause this situation. The recommended daily allowance of zinc is 10mg, and we can ingest through meat and some nuts

To overcome the problem usually enough daily use of anti-dandruff products, to do the washing and dandruff plates are removed and also the feeling of itching and irritation relieved.

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