Why does dandruff arise?

Why does dandruff Arise?

The dander is a common condition that affects many people even though nobody likes to admit it . It is characterized by the presence and white or yellowish particles in the scalp and / or hair.

Dandruff is composed of dead cells shed from the skin as a result of rapid metabolism. Therefore it represents a lack of balance in the natural process of removal of cells in the scalp.

Many of you will not know that dandruff is stronger and more common in people 20 to 30 years. When starting is not readily visible, it begins to notice when the flakes are larger by the action of bacteria and / or problems of excess sebum.

It can also cause itching and scratching head infection spreads. Dandruff particles are aesthetically unpleasant and this is the main reason for treating it.

Types of dandruff

The two main types of dandruff are dry and grease.

  1. The dry dandruff usually appears prepubertal and is characterized by the presence of fine scales. The flakes can create a layer of white powder on the scalp. This dandruff is more easily removed because it appears but quickly reappears.
  2. The oily dandruff can occur during adolescence due to high sebum production. The scales are located in the scalp and are fat.

Why dandruff arises?

There are several theories, but really do not know its origin. Dandruff can not only be present in the hair, also can be in the tabs or other areas covered by hair .

Although not known to occur is thought to be accompanied by the proliferation of microorganisms (bacteria) reproduced in the scalp .

There are many other factors associated with dandruff such as pollution, the use of some hair products, the use of some medications, seasonal changes, is stress or fatigue.

Types of Treatment

When trying to eradicate several types of treatments that can be carried out. One is to suppress the proliferation of bacteria, for that we must keep the hair clean even if it is necessary to wash it every day.

The second step is disinfection, this is done using a shampoo or antidandruff lotion .

We must bear in mind that dandruff can be very strong or very easy to cure but usually dandruff runs in cycles where it has more strength. Therefore they have to perform specific treatments to help us get it under control.

For proper treatment, it is appropriate to start with more intense treatments and go relaxing strength treatment once dandruff is diminishing.


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