Why are hormones revolutionized in August?

Why are hormones revolutionized in August?

The hormones  meet hundreds of functions in our body: regulate our metabolism , sexual desire, mood and even involved in the  physical development . When hormones are balanced everything works correctly, otherwise sick. And that is why, with the arrival of the holidays we feel happier and seducers.

In addition, when summer comes we look more in the opposite sex, they arrive flirtations and increase sex. And it is that even though they say “spring alters blood” is in August when a change occurs in our biorhythms and hormones revolutionize .

Hormonal factors revolution in summer

Everything has a scientific explanation, there are several factors at play which lead us to have more intimate relationships with others in August, as the increase in the amount of sunlight or stress reduction.  

Common factors:

  1. Biological factors: With the entry of the sun and the summer holidays increases the level of testosterone, serotonin and endorphins , responsible for sexual desire and pleasure. Given that Spain is one of the countries with more daylight hours in summer than in August the days are longer, take advantage of your holiday to unleash your libido. In addition, she says Carme Sánchez (sexologist Durex): “The light is responsible for stimulating the pituitary gland responsible for regulating the operation of our hormones. The more activity has the pituitary release of hormones more sexual desire “.
  2. Psychosocial factors: When you experience stress, your body increases production of the hormone  corticotropin  (CRH), which alters your mood and makes you feel more depressed than normal. In August we relax and reduce the stress levels and fatigue with activities that are to our liking (walking, doing sport outdoors, travel …), so it increases our energy and produce also more intimate encounters with the couple .


On the other hand, the sense of time creates the illusion of greater freedom and stimulates attraction to the opposite sex, as well as libido . It is not for us to go lighter clothes but daylight hours and leave parked studies or work. It is for this simple reason that it is said that in August we hormones in on mode and increases the need for seduction. And hence the summer holidays are … stimulating.

In addition, the heat causes sudemos and with our sweat pheromones soar . But … Watch out ! August is also the month with more infidelities so grab your partner and enjoy the revolution of hormones together.

How do hormones affect men and women?

The men were revolutionizes more hormones than women. This increase more sunlight in August has a clear effect on virility, ensuring better erections and increasing male sexual desire . That is, when there is more light, more production of vitamin D and blood levels of testosterone increases. On the other hand, with the sun also increases the production of oxytocin (hormone pleasure), so also increases the female libido .

Our advice for this August? The kisses . Few free things like kissing your partner may be more beneficial to health and help the release of hormones.


Kiss benefits:

  1. Activates the immune system.
  2. It helps reduce blood pressure.
  3. It stimulates a part of the brain.
  4. It manages to reduce stress.
  5. Cheer up.
  6. Burn calories.
  7. Calms cramps and headaches.
  8. And even it does well to fight cavities .

So you know, either by testosterone, low stress levels, sense of time or simply because of the uncap clothes , Take the revolution of August hormones to kiss !. A longer days, more physical contact with your partner .

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