What you need to know about senior health insurance

What you need to know about senior health insurance

Health is a right that must be guaranteed to all. However, elderly people that need is even more urgent because, with advancing age, the body becomes weaker, and consequently  some diseases tend to be more common . So, hire a senior health plan may be the best option as it comes to specific issues in this age group.

But what is the senior health plan? In this article we will explain what it is, how it works, what the benefits of joining a plan with these characteristics and even give tips on companies that do this service. Read this article to the end and see!

What is a senior health plan?

For a long time, the health plan operators in Brazil, adopted the same health plan for all ages and as it progressed, these companies practiced increases in tuition without a roof and without counting the grace period to use services provided, as to be too long.

However, from 1998, the ANS (National Health Agency) issued a resolution providing for adaptation of plans to different age groups. After that, with the creation of the Elderly, the rules were tougher and the pressure came the senior health plans.

Today these plans are alternatives geared for people from 59 years (or even less, since it is possible to adhere to 49) offer a number of advantages that we will see this post.

How these plans work?

As we said, the elderly population is more susceptible to diseases , due to the aging body. However, many of these problems can be mitigated, have reduced treatment or even be avoided with preventive work, which is precisely the main line of action of the specific health plans for the elderly.

The senior health care plan is to act in the prevention of diseases with a series of actions to promote collective tests, educational lectures and living areas that integrate the elderly and even prevent the onset of depression, for example.

The plan’s monthly fee works as follows: to avoid compromising much of the income of the elderly, the plan can be paid over the life (the time the person is still productive and tend to have higher income in larger portions and at the reaches 65, there is a monthly reduction, bringing safety and comfort to the contractor.

What are the different types?

The types of senior health plan, as well as other plans, vary according to the amount of services included, type of service provided and coverage area.

Some plans offer care at the clinic, others are specialized in performing the work of prevention and some even include even recreational leisure activities such as games and dances for seniors. This variety will reflect in the price of the plan, however, it is worth researching which most suits your needs or your family.

What kind of advantages these plans have?

A senior health plan has some advantages over the others. Check out what they are to follow!

No age limit

The plans of this category have no age limit and no charge for age after 65 years. You can join from 49 years, if you wanted to prevent and use for life, and have smaller periods grace .

adjustment of absence

In general, health plans can only suffer adjustment until 59 years. That is, in these plans, the adjustment for inflation only possible fixes. This is a great advantage since most older people lose income when retiring.

Increased security

Another major benefit of senior health plan is to provide the security that elderly in the event of an emergency such as an accident or a sudden illness, he will be attending. Besides knowing that the work of prevention, the number of unpleasant surprises may decrease.


The plans generally offer joint efforts for exams, vaccinations  and consultations for all older people often as a way to analyze the overall health of the patient and observe if something else comes along. Prevention work is important to expedite treatment and make it more effective.

Center of coexistence and social actions

Health plans aimed at the elderly still have a differential focus on social issues. In general, they prize by establishing community centers to integrate the elderly and promote recreational activities including seeking greater interaction, reducing psychological problems and maintenance of cognitive functions

They also promote social activities such as hiking, swimming championships and dances that make the elderly feel part of the society and keep the youthful spirit.

Where to find senior health plans in Sao Paulo?

Time to find a health plan that fits your needs or your family you need to be aware of some crucial points. For example, it is very important to check if the company specializes in offering plans for seniors, make sure the coverage available, especially when you travel a lot.

It is also essential to make sure that the service locations are easily accessible to the patient, check on the actions of preventive medicine are carried out, keep in mind what value fits your budget and, finally, compare the services provided by all options available.

Some examples of companies that offer senior health plan in Sao Paulo are:

  • buddy Health
  • Greenline Senior
  • Prevent Senior
  • Senior Biovida

So, what do you think to know more about senior health plan? It notes that it is important to research a lot, understand their needs and identify what most fits your profile.

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