What procedures for my clinic to accredit to the health plan

What procedures for my clinic to accredit to the health plan

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Many health professionals have doubts about the accreditation of its establishment the health plan agreements. The procedures are not so complicated and can bring a lot of benefits to health facilities.

First, you need to contact the health insurance company that you have interest in making agreement. Companies will pass a series of recommendations and procedures to be performed. Generally, there are forms to fill out the application manifest that the interest of the institution. The company will ask you to enter some data, as offered services, expertise, equipment and the office has a few sets of documents that prove the legality of the institution.

 What documents are required to be accredited to a health plan?

To become certified, you need some specific documents that can be very reasonable. In most contracts is accurate proof of National Health Facility (CNES), the social contract of the doctor’s office, the number of the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ) of the institution, the payment receipt last Service Tax ( ISS) and the registration of the establishment by the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM).

In addition, you need the upgraded license and operating health monitoring and the relationship of doctors and staff of the office. The person responsible for clinical physician should inform the curriculum, CPF, CRM, graduation certificate and expertise. You also need proof of bank account of the institution to the transfer values. Remembering that these documents can change according to the plan.

You need to make a prior consultation of all documents required for opening agreement. Note that once held the contract agreement, the company should be responsible to renew the contract in the event of the office undergoing any change.

What are the advantages of the agreement?

Accreditation health plan agreements can be beneficial both for physicians and for patients and the private practice. Health plans can be the key to attracting customers, especially for doctors who are early in their careers and do not have many patients and have their activities restricted to their medical care facilities.

Doctors who are adding a new specialty can also benefit. The agreement will invite more patients to conduct their consultations and treatments. And as a result, promote the image of these professionals.

Accreditation health plans over time, will cause patients to have knowledge about the activities carried out in the clinic and meet the professionals qualified to practice the profession. Thus keeping benefits for both parties.

Many Brazilians have been conveniado to health plans. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), in ten years, the private health insurance increased from 34.5 to 47.8 million. The purchase agreement with the health plans will be attracting a large mass of customers looking for better service and price alternatives.

Regardless of your decision, it is important that the health professional sees his office as an enterprise that need strategic attention. You have to invest some of your time to plan actions for dissemination of practice and increase the quality of care.

Invest in a good management can impact on results rather than the office offers you every month. So it is important to start thinking about investing in technology to centralize all office processes – administrative, financial and strategic – in one place: a management software and marketing for offices.

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