What is the purpose of perineal massage?

What is the purpose of perineal massage?

The perineum is the part of the body forming the pelvic floor , where the external genitals and anus. It consists of soft tissue (muscles and ligaments). The perineum is diamond shaped and is divided into two triangles : in the above is the urethra and subsequent anus.
Perineal massage is performed on the posterior perineum, formed by the deep muscular plane and occupied by the conduit and anal sphincter and the central fibrous core perineum. You need to know this part of the body, take care and be aware of its importance during pregnancy and childbirth.
Perineal massage can be performed by pregnant own or someone else. You can help the couple and this is especially recommended as pregnancy progresses and becomes more difficult by the volume of the stomach.

Advantages of perineal massage pregnant

  • It increases the elasticity and promotes blood circulation in the area facilitating relaxation of the muscular plane during childbirth.
    Reduces the incidence of episiotomies and postpartum pain .
  • It promotes self healing and body awareness.
  • It’s an easy technique to perform without harmful effects.
  • Allows the participation of the couple

When you start giving perineal massage?

Massage has proven to be effective if you start from week 32 of gestation , about 7 and a half months of pregnancy. It is important to do at least twice a week , but can also be performed daily. Scientific evidence shows that consistency in performing the massage is essential for improving elasticity of the perineum and reducing episiotomies.

Before perineal massage

  1. Wash hands thoroughly and have clean and cut nails.
  2. Empty the bladder of urine before you start.
  3. Find a comfortable place in the house and have a mirror to visualize the perineum and become familiar with their anatomy.
  4. Position: semirecumbent (in bed, on the toilet bowl, on the bidet, squatting against a wall …).
  5. You can start with a warm bath or use hot towels to relax the area.
  6. In the case of self massage thumbs they are used.
  7. If the massage is done solo or with someone else, the index and middle fingers are used.
  8. It is important to lubricate your fingers before inserting them into the vagina with specific oils or creams.

How do the perineal massage

  1. Place the lubricated fingers inside the vagina and the perineum push downward toward the rectum area and sideways stretching of the vagina
    area until you feel itchy.
  2. Maintain a forced pressure on the perineum  with fingers for two minutes or until it is annoying.
  3. Take this area between the thumb and fingers and to opposite oscillating movement for 3-4 minutes stretching vaginal tissues, muscles and perineal skin.


  1. You have to avoid pressure on the urethra to prevent urinary tract infections.
  2. Stop the massage if it causes pain.
  3. Avoid massage in cases of : vulvar varices, vaginal or urinary tract infections, other complications of pregnancy. It is also indicated in cases of caesarean section and there will be no relaxation of the perineum.

Remember that consistency in massage is the key to success. Use a good cream or lubricant oil. For any questions or difficulties go to your midwife or other professionals.


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