What is the difference between allergic skin and sensitive skin?


What is the Difference between allergic skin and sensitive skin?

Do you feel itching or burning your skin? ¿Redness? You may unknowingly have the sensitive or allergic skin or any other skin condition galleys, so we recommend you visit a dermatologist so you can determine the cause of these symptoms. If you suspect you may be sensitive or allergic skin you agree that know well what each and what care you should have are. 

Allergic skin or sensitive skin

  1. Origin of the problem. When the skin is allergic, what happens is that one occurs reaction in our immune system upon contact with the skin a substance that our body finds “strange”. There are different types of allergies: environmental, drug, food, etc. In the case of sensitive skin, it is an immediate and specific response of the skin against an irritant.

  2. Allergic skin through two phases. The first phase of sensitization to the allergen , where the substance is recognized as “foreign” is contacted with the skin or body and “antibodies” are created to combat this substance. In this first moment no symptoms occur. It is in the following allergen exposure phase delayed expression , when the allergic reaction occurs and appears redness, swelling, peeling plates, vesicles, scabs, edemas, cracks and burning sensations, itching, tightness …

  3. A sensitive skin is also known as intolerant skin, reactive or hyperexcitable . In this condition, the nerve endings in the skin are more sensitive and all this leads to having manifestations of different types such as itching, burning, tightness, heat, burning, etc. Redness or peeling may also occur. Sensitive skin may be affected by external factors (climate, solar radiation, pollution, inadequate cosmetics, taking certain medications, beauty treatments …) or internal (fatigue, stress, unbalanced diet, certain skin diseases …).

  4. Diagnosis can be difficult because the symptoms of both conditions are very similar, but with the right medical tests can determine what type of skin you have.

  5. Whatever, allergic or sensitive, avoid those treatments containing certain cosmetic components that are often irritating to these types of skins, such as preservatives and perfumes .

  6. In both cases, care must be taken not to alter the protective skin barrier , as the skin will become increasingly exposed and unprotected agents that irritate, which would become increasingly fragile and sensitive.

Care for sensitive skin

  1. Hydrated skin is essential to protect it from external aggressions. Moisturizes body skin after shower and face before bedtime and in the morning. The range of La Roche-Posay , Toleriane has a cream that can calm the itching and burning sensation on your skin relieving irritation.

  2. Always use sunscreen and beauty products and cosmetics adapted to sensitive skin, unscented, no alcohol, no preservatives … that respect the natural balance of the skin.

  3. Use warm water and reduces the time of the shower. Whenever possible you try not to use hot water as it dehydrates the skin.

  4. Avoid stress and fatigue and (mostly cold) extreme environmental situations.

Allergic skin care

  1. The most important and only way to avoid allergies is to evade contact with allergens identified .

  2. Avoid excess moisture on the skin. Try not to spend much time in the bath or shower.

  3. As for sensitive skin, cosmetic products and used without perfumes, alcohol and preservatives.

  4. Hydrated skin always promotes healthy skin, so moisturizing your skin often.

  5. Use hypoallergenic products to protect your skin without damaging it .

  6. You have to desmaquillarte daily. Make sure you remove all makeup and impurities. You must choose a toilet tonic fully respects the stability of your skin like Toleraine Dermolimpiador , a fluid milk cleanser that removes makeup and debris left on the skin minimizing the risk of intolerance. And attention to the eyes, the skin in this area is very delicate and sensitive, so try to choose a cleanser according to your skin needs. Our recommendation: Toleriane Eye makeup remover.

Remember to always use high quality products suitable for your skin type. In PromoFarma you can find the full range of Toleriane La Roche-Posay for allergic or intolerant skin. Your skin is the main protective barrier of your body and deserves the best care.

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