What helps against spring tiredness?

As the days get longer, some people experience leaden fatigue. We show how you get back on track.


The temperatures are rising, everything is blooming – after the cold, dark nights, spring is almost longing for. Yet many people feel unusually impotent and tired during this time when life awakens outside. The so-called “spring fatigue” actually exists. It expresses that we are part of the cycle of nature; Both the lack of light during the winter and the hormonal change leave their mark.


Hormone change makes you tired

Like animals sleeping in hibernation, man easily drops his body temperature in winter, and the lack of light leads to a more passive lifestyle. If it gets warmer outside, the body temperature also increases slightly, metabolism and hormone balance adjust to the new lighting conditions. The blood vessels dilate , the blood pressure drops . All of these processes can temporarily deprive those affected of the energy, Estimates suggest that around one in two adults in the spring will first have to overcome season-specific fatigue before going on tour. Those who want to escape this leaden fatigue, pay attention to the diet, to sufficient exercise outdoors – and, of course, to sufficient sleep:


Sufficient sleep

Those who stick to regular sleep times are better able to cope with the conversion of the hormones: As daylight increases, the body produces more serotonin again and in turn shuts down melatonin production.


Balanced diet and plenty of water

What is actually recommended throughout the year can have a particularly positive effect in the spring: drink plenty of water and focus on light rather than heavy foods , especially seasonal fruits and vegetables. So you are guaranteed to get enough vitamins, nutrients and minerals. However, it is not about compensating for any possible vitamin deficiencies – even during the winter months, the body can be supplied with the current nutritional supply without any problems with sufficient vitamins. Only with vitamin D , which the body produces itself via the UV-B rays, are deficiency symptoms not uncommon.


Enough exercise outdoors

Doing sports in the spring is especially good, especially in the morning. Endurance sports such as jogging or cycling stimulate circulation and eliminate fatigue. A daily movement time of at least 30 minutes is recommended. Why not add a little more exercise to everyday life and, for example, get off at a bus station earlier? Very effective to stimulate the circulation are also changing showers or morning exercises.



Fatigue can also be iron deficiency. Especially women are often affected because of the menstrual period. In the event of prolonged exhaustion, those affected should have their blood values ​​measured by the doctor.

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