We inaugurate BBC season: Are you ready?

We inaugurate BBC season: Are you ready?

Everything you need to consider before going to an event

Have you got it. It is a beautiful envelope with a golden letters that invite you to go.

In June wedding season, baptisms and communions officially begins and from the moment you receive the citation raises a number of questions and issues to consider worth organizing to go solventándolas and dazzle wherever you go.

In this article we tell you what are the points you have to consider and tips for success in each and every one:

  • – A silhouette of a dress: Every body is different and not all figures sit well the same clothes. Most importantly, choose a look that you feel comfortable and that highlights your strengths.
  • For example, if your weakness is the abdomen opts for a wide cut that knot neck or neckline empire. Also consider that heels help a lot to stylize the silhouette.
  • – Feet and hands. Tuning for the event: A good hand and foot care is essential for celebrations or weddings because a deranged aspect can completely ruin your look. It is important to begin to care for at least 2 weeks before.
  • Notes: If your nails tend to break, put them each day to soak in olive oil and thus moisturize and strengthen.
  • -Háztelo yourself … The hairdresser at home: If you have a clear idea and you’re something crafty, you can get your hair for the wedding yourself. Important: try different hairstyles starts months before the wedding to give to him who you really going. It is very important to start pamper and moisturize your hair at least 3 months earlier.
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