Use of probiotics to preserve the intestinal flora

Use of probiotics to preserve the intestinal flora

Probiotics are live microorganisms , bacteria or yeasts, administered in adequate amounts, provide a benefit to the health of those who take (according to the World Health Organization). We are found in certain foods, drugs or dietary supplements. When ingested, they reach the digestive tract and contribute to the balance of intestinal microbiota. They also help the proper functioning of the immune system. They will be useful as adjuvants in case of diarrhea or alterations of bacterial flora. We must consider the type of bacteria containing the product and quantity to ensure that survive stomach acid and reach the intestine to fulfill its function there. Sea speaks to you of probiotics and how to treat disorders of intestinal flora. 

Question: I want to know what type of probiotic is right for my case. I tend to diarrhea and every 10 days or so, I go to the bathroom and suddenly have diarrhea in the deposition.

Comment: Have you made any trip to a tropical country? Have you had fever or other discomfort? Do you happen recently or, on the contrary, is a “regular” pattern? These are questions we should ask if we suspect a possible infection acquired during a trip or consumption of food (or drink) that could contain pathogens . If the answer to either of the first two is yes, we will go to the doctor for further examination and relevant analysis.

The utility of the good bacteria

Unlike the previous situation, there are other mild cases of non – infectious origin responding to a dysbiosis of bacterial flora . That is, an alteration of beneficial bacteria normally inhabiting in the intestine (and, indeed, throughout most of the digestive system). Without a balanced population of these “good” bacteria, we could not perform functions such as metabolism and absorption of some nutrients , proper immune response and even the synthesis of important vitamins. The roles of healthy bacteria in the body aroused increasing interest. Factors such as prolonged stress, intense sport or inadequate diet can modify their presence and relative amount (relative to other less beneficial microorganisms). Therefore, the intestinal barrier becomes permeable and toxic allergens.

Foods that act as prebiotics and nourish the bacterial flora are mainly vegetables rich in inulin (a type of fiber) and steamed (artichokes, asparagus, leeks …) and vegetables (2 servings a week). In contrast, refined sugars and excess saturated fats and dairy foods may favor a less healthy intestinal environment. On the other hand, consume the living micro – organisms and in the appropriate amount , called probiotics , also helps to repopulate the bacterial flora. On the market are many products containing probiotics , but we select strains (type of bacteria) appropriate for each need. Some bacteria have preference for a particular habitat (within the digestive tract itself or even migrate to other areas such as the vaginal flora) and favor a more other functions. It should also be the number of different strains and the amount in which they are present (to ensure that survive stomach acid and reach the intestine) into account.

In the case of mild, intermittent diarrhea (eg after taking antibiotics and having discarded the most serious infections mentioned at the beginning) I recommend Lactibiane Référence Pileje 30Caps addition to following the dietary advice given. After opening the package or during the summer, it is better to keep them in the refrigerator to ensure its viability. Again, I emphasize the importance of seeing a doctor if symptoms persist and are not resolved.

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