Unimed medical guide: consult now

Unimed medical guide: consult now

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Unimed is one of the largest health plans offered in Brazil. It is present in all Brazilian states, in about 84% of the country. It consists of 349 medical cooperatives that provide services to over 18 million beneficiaries. The structure of the arrangement is formed by 114 thousand insured doctors, hospitals 114 and 14 day hospitals.

Founded in 1967, the service now holds 31% of the health care market, therefore, one of the most reliable services among Brazilians. is to convene a health plan can be extremely beneficial to the doctor and his office. Unimed presents the program “Medical Guide”. It is a platform within the same site of the institution where anyone can search for doctors and private hospitals throughout the country.

Accessing Medical Guide Unimed

The Medical Guide software is also available on the App Store and Google Play. The program is an interactive platform that helps customers find the provider registered to the plan you need.

With the query in the guide, the client will have access to doctors, labs, clinics and trading partners of Unimed that are closer. The program provides a research platform where you designate the city and state you want to find the plan.

After that, the platform prompts the customer to enter the type of plan you have and the network you want to be able to facilitate the search.

The Medical Guide also offers a more detailed search, where the user can define the type of institution you are seeking. Be clinic, or hospital. The platform allows you to search the medical specialty that the customer needs at the time and also the area of ​​expertise of health professionals, as well as their qualification.

The results are contained in the institution name that contains the desired type of service in the selected city. The search detail provides the name, address, telephone number and other data to facilitate the user to find the service you need in a simple and interactive way. All insured health services plan are available on the platform so that the patient can choose the best alternative treatment by the agreement.

What are the benefits of Medical Guide

By owning a member of a health plan, medical conveniado may have many benefits, such as Medical Guide offered by Unimed network. With the ease of access to technology, many patients who have the plan access the platform every day to search for the services closer by the plan. In this way, the doctor promotes its image in the medical system .

With 18 million patients only from Unimed services and more diverse users of other plans have a medical insurance is an alternative for health professionals who are at the beginning of his career. Today patients seek for institutions that have agreements for ease of service and affordable prices.

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