Unimed health plans: know the benefits for the professional


Unimed health plans: know the benefits for the professional

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That health plans Unimed bring numerous benefits to its insured customers you already know. But what benefits the largest private health care network in the country offers for medical providers of these health services? What advantages does a professional have to choose this and not any other managed care plans to join?

Unimed The numbers are impressive and “speak” alone. This network of health insurance accounts for 31% of the market, serving more than 18 million insured beneficiaries with coverage reaching 84% of the country. It has a network of 349 cooperatives throughout Brazil and more than 114 thousand professionals cooperative doctors. It has a full and huge infrastructure that has its own and accredited hospitals, laboratories and offices emergency care, and many other tools that support and ensure the quality of services provided to its customers.

That is, the professional is assured of a huge clientele to be won and an excellent infrastructure hosting awaiting the delivery of their services.

In addition, Unimed seeks to invest in the enhancement of the medical profession through various actions. His relationship with these search service providers faithfully following the standards regulated by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) on the partnership of these members.

For example, all doctors registered in its Medical Guide possess the Specialist Qualification Record (RQE) as determined by the CFM (CFM Resolution No. 1974/2011). The guarantee of fidelity to these standards gives greater credibility to the class and loyalty to clients of professional confidence in the choice of accredited medical specialist in your health plan.

What services the health plan Unimed offer advantages for the professional?

Undoubtedly, one of the Unimed services that make life more professional is the Medical Guide Unimed. This online service tool allows the customer access to their physician, allowing communication between them and offering benefits for both the professional as to the insured health plan.

The guide serves as a database that keeps updated records of all physicians of the accredited network with some personal information and basic necessary professionals for the good relationship between the professional and his client, such as name, specialty, registration with the respective Regional Council , point of care and contact numbers.

Among the various facilities guide, it is the constant updating of the data made available to customers using the service. This is especially important in case of change of address / phone of clinic / office or the provision of services in a second location service. In this case the trader does not need to make this change communication to all customers of his agenda.

In cases where the doctor is unable to attend to his patient within the deadline set by the National Agency of Health, the large number of professionals accredited by Unimed allows the possibility of finding an equivalent specialist quickly and conveniently, without major inconvenience to the doctor and your patient.

Also, being a doctor cooperated health plan Unimed is also a form of personal marketing. Be among the more than 100,000 professionals largest private network of the country’s health care is undoubtedly a professional choice of success.

The medical professional can also be a customer insured by health insurance Unimed

In addition to medical provider, the professionals themselves can also be insured clients of a health plan Unimed. In this case, the doctor must be accredited by the trade union or professional association, which employ a Collective Plan Unimed and offer among the members.

The advantages of this contract and the details of each health plan can be obtained at own union or professional association.

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