Understand the importance of the geriatrician for the elderly

Understand the importance of the geriatrician for the elderly

For several years, the elderly has become popularly known as the “best age”. With the changes and evolutions of society, age is no longer a burden – and means nothing to have more experience and maturity.

The elderly that care can lead a healthy life without activity restrictions and a routine similar to that of its golden years of youth. And when we talk about care, we refer not only to a healthy diet, physical activity or balance work and rest.

At this stage of life, it is very important that men and women have the accompaniment of a professional care and guide them in all that relates to health. That is why, in today’s post, we’ll talk about geriatrician, the doctor responsible for ensuring the quality of life of the elderly .

We understand the importance of geriatrician for seniors, which is its real function, in that it can help and, of course, what is the best age to start to consult it. Read on and see!

How important is the geriatrician for seniors?

In just over 70 years, the rate of life expectancy in Brazil increased by about 40 years. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), in 1945, Brazilian women and men lived an average of 45 years. In the last survey , done in 2015, this expectation has risen to 75.5 years.

Such data prove the need to care for the health and have follow-up of an expert in this transition. The importance of a geriatrician for seniors arises precisely because it is the support that professional who will allow no loss of quality of life now that we are all living longer.

As the professional acts

Geriatrics is a specialty of the relatively new medicine. Its appearance is just given by the need for a differentiated and exclusive service to anyone who is getting older.

The geriatrician, to consult the patient will be able to distinguish the anatomical, psychological and functional changes that are already common to the aging process – from possible diseases and disorders that can also occur in this stage of life.

And, unlike many professionals consulted by people aged from 60 years, geriatricians are not restricted to analyze an organ or body system. This specialty is dedicated to all the individual’s health.

According to doctors, including one of the main objectives of the follow-up with a geriatrician is the individualization of health care process of the patient. Thus, it avoids the need for follow-up with various professionals.

This does not, however, the geriatrician work closely with  cardiologists  and neurologists, for example. They are usually the most sought after medical professionals for this age group.

As the aging process?

Throughout his life, our bodies retain some functional reserves. And these stocks allow us to perform daily activities, recover from illnesses and have energy.

With the arrival of the elderly, however, some biological phenomena begin to take action in our body and end up decreasing gradually, all these reservations. Thus, the elderly become more vulnerable to certain situations – such as  disease – than those who are younger.


Aging is characterized in two ways. The first is normal aging, which is one for which we all spend sometime. This is the natural process of getting older, that can not be stopped or cured, although it may happen quite healthily.

But the pathological aging (or senility, as it is also known) occurs when there is a loss of functional capacity of at least one organ of the body. This is due to external factors that can be avoided. Some examples are:

  • use of alcoholic beverages;
  • smoking;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • obesity;
  • poor diet .

When searching for a geriatrician?

Despite being a medical expert recommended for people in old age, the first consultation with a geriatrician should happen shortly before arrival to this age group. Prior monitoring is called preventive geriatrics.

Before you even treat some problems that can start with age, it is possible to prevent many cases, with check-ups, examinations and consultations to ask questions about what is to come.

Starts to increase, too, the number of younger people, between the ages of 35 years, looking for geriatricians to slow the aging process. Having a healthy basis, the passage of time tends to be healthier and to happen in a balanced way.

How to live well in old age?

As we have seen in this post, the natural aging process can be very healthy and enjoyable. From the moment the old search for a geriatrician to accompany him over the years, will certainly be given basic tips that will combine the examinations, treatment and medical routines.

Some basic precautions that should be taken into consideration since youth, will reflect positively with the arrival of the best age. Habits like  sleep well , use sunscreen daily and  physical activities  are essential and must be adopted by all life.

In the elderly, it is important to take care of food, with specific diets that will meet the body’s needs at this stage of life. All this, of course, will be accompanied by a geriatrician.

Not to take risks of being helpless in the category health and ensure that all tests and appointments fit in your pocket, it is always important to have the support of a  health plan that has in its portfolio, renowned geriatricians and can offer better monitoring .

Now that you know all about the importance of geriatrician for seniors, share with us and other readers your opinion. Leave a comment and tell us what are your doubts about this medical specialist. And if you also give tips for those who want to find a quality professional!


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