TOP Korean cosmetics brands you need to know

TOP Korean cosmetics you need to know brands

Korean cosmetics has earned a place more than deserved in the Western market: the packaging of its products, good quality / price ratio, the use of natural ingredients, its constant innovation … If you have not yet had the opportunity to learn more about their products, do not worry because today we’ll introduce the top brands that surely will become part of your list of must. Shall we start?


The kings of moisturizing masks! Among its products you can find countless masks to hydrate the face, feet or hands. Having skin hydrated is key to minimizing some of the problems that most concern us as irritation, the appearance of premature wrinkles, lack of elasticity, dull skin and dull … And in his top 3 are:

  1. The mask Sally’s Box Loverecipe Grapestone formulated with grape extract and hyaluronic acid that cleans the skin deeply and improves its texture thanks to its combination of natural ingredients: grape, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon balm, rosemary and lavender . Further, these plant extracts exfoliate the surface of the dermis and remove dead cells.
  2. If you have rough or dry hands, mask Sally’s Box Cherry Blossom Friendly will provide a good dose of hydration thanks to its formulation incorporates in shea butter.
  3. Your skin needs an extra light? No problem, the mask Sally’s Box Aqua Skin Solution comes to your rescue. Hyaluronic acid formulation incorporates moisturizing skin depth while preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  


The design of its products and its effectiveness falls conquest. The main ingredient with which it formulate their cosmetics is hyaluronic acid, known worldwide for its regenerative properties that will help you look healthier and glowing skin. The product line of the brand is suitable for all skin types (greasy, mixed, sensitive …) and very positive point: not tested on animals .

In its top product , we include:

  1. Attention because you’ll fall in love! The Mochi Cream BB format cushion is ideal for covering imperfections and unify the tone but your panda shaped design is most cuqui. How you not are going to want something in your toiletry bag?
  2. The vitaminado sérum of Klairs is the crown jewel. If you notice that your skin has lost radiance and firmness, apply a few drops of this serum and see how your skin rejuvenates a seen and unseen. Its success lies in the combination of vitamin C with gotu kola , which enhances the anti – aging effect.
  3. If you want a cleanser that will not irritate your skin or punish, and you’ve found it . The cleaning foam Klairs is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and containing a cleaning amino acid – based formula.


Leegeehaam the reconociemiento all won by being the first brand to introduce a cosmocéutica line. These are cosmetic products that meet therapeutic or pharmacological functions so that could approach the category of drugs. The brand has its own research and development center where continually create highly functional cosmetics and targeted to treat different skin problems.

Among its flagship products include the masks of propolis and honey , which will help you get a radienta and revitalized.


If you like betting brands so natural, Benton tab because all their products are 100% natural and do not use artificial preservatives (not tested on animals). Its flagship product is the tonic formulated with aloe vera helps heal and treat small marks on the skin. Also it contains salicylic acid , which acts producing a small chemical exfoliation of the skin and consequently removes impurities and dirt from pores .

Here are some of our recommendations, but what product or brand Korean cosmetics think we need to know urgently? We hope your suggestions in the comments.

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