Tips for a healthy body and mind

Eat a balanced diet that helps you maintain a healthy weight, daily eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Always take your time to eat. Eating the food in large bites is not the best thing for your digestive system; neither for your stress levels.

Do not skip any food is essential to be in top form. Going hungry is the worst thing we can do when it comes to staying healthy. It is necessary to maintain a control of the hours of the meal and respect it. Making five light meals a day is the right thing to do.

Limit the consumption of high calorie beverages, sugar, salt, fat or alcohol. According to experts from the World Fund for Cancer Research (WCRF), reducing drinking can have a great effect on body weight or help maintain a normal weight, it can also reduce the risk of cancer, remember that Alcohol has been linked to tumors of the breast, colon, rectum, mouth and liver.

Do physical activity at least two and a half hours a week. A good physical condition helps to manage logical levels of stress, it is necessary to have activities that help us evade the daily routine. Relaxation sessions, yoga, hobbies, sports.

Being always well hydrated, water is essential for life, and as such we must provide our body with the quantities it needs. Remember that water is the major component of the body’s cells (except in the case of fat cells) and also protects and lubricates the brain and joints.

Set your priorities. One goal to achieve is to work with intelligence, using technology, delegating responsibilities, with a plan of tasks and objectives. Dedicate 100% of your being to what you are doing now, in every sense. “Being happy is a decision,” says Chilean psychologist Pilar Sordo.

We invite you to share these simple and brief tips to improve our well-being and that of everyone.

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