The resurgence of the soap bar

The Resurgence of the soap bar

The personal hygiene begins to be understood as a return to nature, in the same way as with other areas of everyday life. Fewer processed foods, with less chemical makeups and now the resurgence of soap against the shower gels.

The shower gels were installed in bathrooms for comfort and to avoid sharing the soap. With gel bottles also they came perfumes, sensations and customization. However, relegating the soap only hands or anything, also it made the skin more components Wash chemical odor and color giving the new body care products.

How does soap work?

-grasa- soap removes dirt from the skin because water alone is not capable of binding these molecules and drag. The molecular structure of soap contains liposoluble part and hydrosoluble part , allowing it to bind to both water molecules and fat and causes fat to become more soluble, it is diluted in water and easy to remove.

Soap in turn is obtained from the chemical reaction between alkali – sodium hydroxide or potassium- and a lipid can be plant as olive oil or animal as lard . The typically solid appearance because the water concentration is low. The more liquid soap, more water will be used for processing.
Natural soap in addition to cleaning the skin, it must keep it moist, nourished and protected to prevent irritation and allergic reactions. The development of personal care products such as shower gels and artificial chemical products, causes skin drying – by eliminating the glicerina- and irritations and reactions to any of these components appear.

Advantages of natural soap

  1. Natural soap also nourishes the skin with the properties of the ingredients with which it is made.
  2. It contains no detergents, no parabens, no artificial colorings or any ingredient, so it does not dry the skin .
  3. Leaves skin moisturized thanks to its composition with fat and glycerin.
  4. The cleaning power of natural soap is greater because the raw material is not diluted in water.
  5. They do not pollute the environment and are respectful of nature.

The most natural products in

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