The most used health plans in Brazil: know what are

The most used health plans in Brazil: know what are

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Having a health plan has become something important in the lives of Brazilians, is to preserve the family when something happens, or even to escape the public service, so full of shortcomings.

How does a health plan

By hiring a health plan, there are the so-called grace periods, which are periods when some procedures may not be used. The extent permitted by law are:

• 24 hours for emergency care;

• Ten months for births;

• Six months for examinations, consultations and hospitalizations;

• Twenty-four months for illnesses that existed before hiring.

Upon hiring plan, the consumer fills in a document called “Health Declaration”, which passes various information about your health and if you already have some disease. Omitting any illness, the act can be considered as fraud and the contract may be canceled, resulting in a process at the Ministry of Health.

By hiring a health plan, the beneficiary needs to be aware of which procedures the plan offers, as the list of appointments, treatments and tests. Not all plans are entitled to hospitalization and you need to check what are the institutions and professionals who accept the plan.

 most popular health plans

1 – Amil International Medical Assistance

is the fourth largest network of health care in Brazil.
It has branches in Curitiba, Fortaleza, Brasilia and Sao Paulo. Opera in outpatient plans with national or regional coverage.

2 – Bradesco Saúde

According to ANS, Bradesco Saúde has the largest base of customers in Brazil.
It operates in corporate plans, with hospital care.

3 – Medial Saúde

was acquired by Amil in 2009 and operates in ambulatory, dental and hospital care.
Serves individuals, if they are residing in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Pernambuco. Also meets legal entity, but only in the states of Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais and São Paulo.

4 – Amico Health

The Health Dix Amico sells plans for individuals and companies, in Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo.
It offers outpatient, hospital and dental services.

5 – Golden Cross

offers individual or family plans with ambulatory, dental and hospital services.
Its scope is national.

6 – Unimed Belo Horizonte – Medical Work Cooperative

Almost 80% of its beneficiaries are part of corporate plans.
It offers ambulatory, dental and hospital services. It is one of three operators with more than 500,000 beneficiaries, along with Amil and Bradesco Saúde.

7 – National Central Unimed – Central Cooperative

has national coverage and serves only business plans, providing outpatient and hospital services.
The beneficiaries of Unimed National Center can be attended by regional Unimed, but who has an agreement with the regional Unimeds will not be met by the National Central necessarily.

8 – South America Health Insurance

One of the most popular carriers in Brazil, operates ambulatory, dental and hospital plans.
It does not sell more individual plans only corporate.

Choosing a health plan is not easy, as it involves one of the most precious assets we all have, which is their own health! But with the tips provided, it is easier to know where to start.

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