The key to a good tan: the exfoliation

The key to a good tan: the exfoliation

You might seem contradictory but if you want to get a nice tan this summer’ll have to exfoliate. With mechanical exfoliating action will not end up with your tan but will prepare the skin to better settle this and last longer.

The skin is throughout the year the weather: cold, wind, heat … So when the warm weather arrives we have to prepare our skin for a nice and bright tan.

The sun can cause such common skin disorders such as dehydration and the appearance of spots , reaching transform the most hydrated skins opaque skins and causing them to lose their flexibility and vitality. The key to avoiding these alterations are deep exfoliation face and body and continuous hydration.

Prepare the skin for the sun

Man has always wanted to wear a softer skin to provide a fresher and cleaner look. For this we turn to delamination allows us drag dead cells that are deposited on the cornea or surface layer cell renewal renewed to restore its lost skin softness.

Therefore, the skin is soft and smooth look prepared for a more homogeneous and lasting tan. Treating the skin with exfoliating products before, during and after the time of sunshine get a more beautiful, durable and spalling tone.

But, Why exfoliate?

The main objective of exfoliation is  potentiate cell regeneration.  Although it occurs naturally in the skin in young skin every 28 days, more mature skin over time is doubled, so they will have an aged appearance prematurely.

Exfoliate the skin regularly can bring light , homogenizing skin tone and leave it soft. In addition to her greater oxygenation at the cellular level which prevents premature skin aging occurs.

As if this were not enough, exfoliation also stimulates the microcirculation of the skin surface, getting an activation and toning returning this lost vitality and preparing for exhibition during the time of the sun.

Now that you know, you have no excuse. Get a gel or cream exfoliant and get ready to show off tanning.


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