The importance of facial exfoliation

The Importance of facial exfoliation

In today’s video we will talk about the exfoliation of facial skin .
Exfoliation is a natural process of skin, which is renewed by removing dead cells. Sometimes this process is altered and can have a rough feel and appearance of the skin, such as scaly and thickened.

For this reason it is imperative that our facial care routine skin we include this step, you will get noticeably improve our skin rejuvenating. Areas most importantly exfoliate are those most in contact with environmental pollution, especially the face.
There are different types of exfoliants, which can be mechanical or chemical.
The mechanical exfoliants are those carrying particles and rubbing against the skin crawl these dead cells. This type of peel is very aggressive and can injure the skin and if not used properly can even worsen their condition, making it more rough and thick.

The chemical peels are peelings containing different substances to remove the dead skin without friction. This type of peeling is the most recommended, also in skin with acne since not irritate can apply even on grains with inflammation without risk of injury. You have to use peelings soft to be working to progressively self – regulating skin exfoliation.

For example this Cell Renewal Lullage is chronoactivo and intelligent, very soft as it has a Ph4.2 so it is not necessary to remove unlike others which is very convenient to use. As no exfoliating particles can be used even with acne. Besides doing great to unclog the pores, refine them and illuminate the skin instantly, it can be used in any type of skin.

Also keep in mind that it is preferable to perform this treatment at night to avoid sun exposure but it is also recommended to use a solar fluid to protect us during the day, this firm is complemented by the peeling is SPF50 protecting UVA and infrared rays. It is oil free and fat-regulatory treatment that leaves a matte, velvety finish. Moreover the filters of this fluid does not touch the skin since they have a double sphere that guarantees and makes them more stable, also has soothing active, depigmenting and antioxidants .

Finally , remember that we must always apply the peelings with clean skin and makeup remover and once absorbed is necessary to apply adequate to our skin moisturizer. 

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