The eroticism of a neckline: Do you get the most out of your sensuality in summer?

The eroticism of a neckline: Do you get the MOST out of your sensuality in summer?

The neckline is a very important erotic claim, however, is also one of those areas we tend to forget that before. Many women tend to hide even in summer time because of stains or wrinkles that have formed on your skin.

Now approaching the warmer months, do not be afraid to show off a good cleavage . In this article you will learn how to take advantage of one of the sexiest and erotic female areas. Just remember that the key to a beautiful breasts is always ” suggest rather than show “.

Why ages before the neckline?

After 40 years, it is advisable to use  firming creams  specific to treat this area as the breast skin is  very thin , especially in times of pregnancy, menopause or reach when you perform strict diets.

The loss of firmness, dehydration, spots, stretch marks and wrinkles are the five obstacles you look good cleavage. So, what are the problems you slow to exhibit a good cleavage?

  1. Sebaceous glands rare: The skin of the neck does not have the same fat supporting the neck or face. The neck has a very poor hydroxy-lipid film and has up to 15 times less than the face sebaceous glands, thus dries more easily.
  2. Reduced collagen: The breast skin has a small number of fibers of collagen and elastin, so probably from 40 years to lose its elasticity and stretch marks or wrinkling.
  3. Limited melanocytes: Insufficient number of melanocytes breast explain their premature photoaging. Melanocytes are the cells responsible for the production of melanin, a pigment that blocks UV radiation and prevents damage cellular DNA.

In addition, bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol or sleeping on your side also cause negative effects on the skin of the neck. An overload and vertical wrinkles form on your chest.


Care to have a perfect cleavage :

The neckline is one of the weapons of seduction of women.  This part of the body is very  attractive and therefore it is very important that you take care to make it look fantastic.

  • Exfoliates the skin: Use a gentle exfoliating 1 or 2 times per week. It is advisable to use the same facial exfoliant.
  • Make up your cleavage: When you wear makeup your face, remember to do so in the neck and chest to have the same tone. Avoid using harsh cosmetics, you can beautify the area with pearlescent loose powder to give a natural glow or even use concealers to mitigate imperfections.
  • Massage: Massage helps increase blood flow, so gradually able to increase the brightness of the skin. The movements must be circular and small tweaks to boost circulation. In addition, if you use specific devices to massage your neck area, you managed to stimulate deeper the zone and will produce as much collagen and elastin, so it will improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Whenever your cleavage is exposed to the sun , use sunscreen. The neckline is very exposed to the sun, like your face, neck or hands. That is why, if you do not apply protective creams on your cleavage is more likely that your skin to age before drying out and Blissful sunspots appear. That is why, whenever you take your cleavage discovered, protect from the sun with sunscreen with high protection (SPF50 +). In addition, you can use  self – tanners to wear a golden skin this summer.
  • Avoid abruptly lose weight: A poor diet can seriously impair the elasticity of the skin of your breasts. We recommend a balanced diet to keep your skin firm and stable.
  • Cold showers: If you want to boast a fine and smooth, finish your shower with small “touches” increasingly cold water. This way, you get to recover his usual tone.
  • Watch your posture: Try to always keep your back straight, either when walking or sitting. Just so you get your breasts remain in place.
  • Pectoral exercises: The more toned pecs are, the better will look like your breasts and cleavage. Start with small weights 2 pounds or elastic bands and see your efforts rewarded. We recommend an easy exercise you can do at home: Open and close your arms 12 times, repeat 2 series descasa and more.
  • Yoga and swimming: These two sports help tone the body and slow the fall of the breasts, so they are a great ally to stay in shape and look neckline.
  • Choose well your bra: Sometimes, take advantage of your neck and prevent your breasts grow old means for matching bra choice. 80% of women wearing the wrong bra size, a common fault among the female population, in addition to its aesthetic implications, seriously harms:  causes friction on the skin and severe back problems .
  • Daily Hydration: We say it a thousand times and never tire of repeating, you must moisturize your skin every day. Ally more important to maintain firmness of your breast beauty is certainly a good moisturizer.

Are there treatments for skin of the neck?

It is normal that in our home we have all kinds moisturizers (face, body, eye, hands …) but we always forget to review our cleavage. And when lighten clothes in summer, we realize that the skin is dull, dry and marked vertical lines called “ring of Venus”.

Use firming creams to help you achieve tighter, firmer breasts enhanced:

  • Day cream: After daily shower, apply extra nutrition to your neckline making upward movements towards the neck. You must enter a firming day cream to your beauty routine to get smooth skin, fill wrinkles and enhance your cleavage. Also, if you want to eliminate the dreaded stretch marks that form in that area, minimízalas day with your anti-stretch mark treatment.
  • Night cream: Treatments Evening contain active ingredients with calming effects that help repair skin while you sleep. Looking components such as hyaluronic acid or collagen to tighten the skin of your breasts. Leave on overnight and see how your skin is tightened after several applications.


The firming creams Décolletage  act to a progressive level, steady and keep your bust ready to wear it this summer. If you want to emphasize your charms, just it depends on you having a smooth breasts, toned and no trace of spots.

Begins to apply all the tips in this article to show off your breasts and pretty much care now that the good weather. And remember, the neckline is back to stay this summer.

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