The Complete Instagram Guide for Physicians

Instagram The Complete Guide for Physicians

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One of the most popular social networks of the moment, Instagram also part of the group of the most used by Brazilian media: Brazil is the third country with more users worldwide. Not by chance, as has been happening with all segments of the market, the demand of the medical environment by presence and promotion on that network has only increased.

Since the purchase of the tool by Facebook and the latest algorithm change (which interferes with the logic of visibility of posts), the approach used to advertise and make marketing network has also changed, and businesses began to view the release on Instagram differently .

But after all, it is worth focusing on the media when it comes to medical marketing ? What are the specifics? How do? What about the Stories? These are some of the questions that we propose to respond to this guide!

Instagram for physicians: essential information and tips

With so many potential patients navigating and interacting by Instagram feed every day, investment in dissemination on the network seems too irresistible to be left out – and indeed it is! Achieve good results, however, it implies a lot of effort and consistency in posts, as well as a good strategic definition of the content to be transmitted.

Application facing the image sharing, Instagram also allows recording and posting videos (up to 15 seconds in Stories), apply filters and record memories . Although still miss in number of users to Facebook, the media gets when it comes to generating interactions and promote engagement – and this is the point from which companies can extract a great strategic return.

Among other advantages offered by the application, we can include:

  • Visual appeal: focusing on the dissemination of photos and videos (two formats preferred by the users), the app has a great potential for dissemination of content and engagement. The text, here, works as a secondary and complementary element. The network encourages and facilitates the creation of creative content that enchants followers;
  • Popularity: as we have seen, it is a massively used by the Brazilian network;
  • Mobile platform: the network is widely used (both to consume and to publish content) via smartphones and other mobile devices that are part of everyday life and are always accessible. Remember also that it is possible to publish efficiently through desktop;
  • Your patient is there: relying on users of various age groups and multiple interests, the network is highly strategic to reach and interact with the audience.

It is worth adding at this point, another very important feature of the media: the personal tone that dialogue in the most direct way possible with the user, impacting your daily life and generating identification, is predominant and, roughly speaking, works on Instagram in terms of engagement .

If you have a profile on the network, is well aware that this personal content (routine sharing and lifestyle tips) defines the type of content that gets more visibility and reach among users.

In this sense, the idea of ​​medical marketing on Instagram may seem irreconcilable with the application logic, right? That’s because the trend of the segment is to consider the health information and patient contact in more technical terms, formal, almost at a distance.

The output for an effective strategy, however, is precisely in overcoming this stigma – by taking due care and precautions, it is possible to reach and engage the patient through a medical marketing with a coherent approach to the social network.

Instagram and medical specialties: an important observation

Continuing on the subject of the personal bias of Instagram, it is essential to bring out the topic of the focus of action in Medicine. Precisely because of the approach that prioritizes the personal sphere and the content lifestyle , certain specialties often have a higher power to spread, and the potential to grow more easily in social media . This is the case of Endocrinology, Nutrition, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology , for example.

Associated with aesthetics and welfare, these areas can greatly benefit from the visual appeal of the tool, in addition to counting on an approach more “shareable” with regard to the tone of the publications.

* Please note that pictures of “before and after” very linked to cosmetic procedures, are expressly prohibited by CFM!

Inserted in these themes, doctors can invest with more openness in matters close to the reader, connected to your everyday life, including health tips, nutrition, beauty, personal care and quality of life in general. Other specialists such as gynecologists, obstetricians and pediatricians , can also favor by addressing health issues that generate a lot of interest and attention, besides counting on a good potential imagery to explore.

This, however, does not mean that other medical specialties can not benefit from a well thought out strategy on Instagram . The key to good results here is more associated with professional posture in the network (and its position as a relevant source of content) than the medical specialty itself.

It is true that some specific segments, such as certain surgical specialties (such as Head and Neck Surgery and Hepatobiliary Surgery), tend to face a greater challenge to achieve good results in the tool.

In such cases (which also involve more specific health care services and less known to the general public, as is the case of critical care specialists who work as medical assistants in the ICU) often the most expressive return coming from the Instagram will not come either as scheduled appointments or contracts made, but as branding , ie, through the consolidation of a positive image in the market and to the patient .   

More subjective and immeasurable value, this strengthening brand is the medium and long term, but it is essential when it comes to establishing authority in the segment and the perception of value to the public . Thus, physicians working on more specific fronts can benefit from branding and take advantage of a stronger digital presence with an interesting strategy to Instagram, becoming references in their fields.

Instagram in practice: essential tips for doctors

Migrate personal profile for the professional

It is common that many doctors have their personal profiles and watch gradually their patients also becoming followers. This, however, is not the ideal strategy! Keep your particular profile (and the related aspects of their personal life) restricted to people in your social circle, building a professional profile to convey information about your calls and other professional issues.

As we mentioned, the factor “private life” is a valuable engagement generator in Instagram, but even this approach must be previously thought when it comes to the office and your name as a specialist.

It is important that an exposure limit is traced – to establish a bridge with their patients, becoming close to them, it is crucial. On the other hand, mixing spheres of life is risky and questionable from an ethical point of view.

Eyeing the published content

Avoiding the commercial tone, prioritize really useful information and dialogue with the daily lives of the public. This tip is valid for all specialties, including the most specific we have mentioned.

The very specific and technical content sharing will not engage nor the same interest the vast majority of users. Following the line of the nearest emphasis, informal and personal, align health tips and wellness (which can be easily incorporated into the daily lives of followers) with its area of operation , indirectly highlighting the benefits of a consultation or medical evaluation in the area.

Disseminate research, statistics and interesting news (with their proper references) can also generate a good engagement, as well as disseminate the articles published in his blog doctor with a compelling call. Comment briefly on matters of the health sector that are high (as is the case of the spread of yellow fever and vaccination campaigns against the disease) is also relevant and strengthens your name and credibility.

Another tip involves planning special publications for the holidays, especially in the health field , encouraging the placement of reliable health information and awareness messages. Campaigns like “White Janeiro” and “Pink October”, and dates as the “World Diabetes Day”, are good opportunities to encourage interactions and disseminate quality content.  

Video content can also be very well used in the case of medical marketing, while still allowing explore the functionality of Stories on Instagram . The trick is to formulate short scripts with relevant information related to the specialty. You can clarify the main concerns of patients, explain about a particular procedure, give tips for a quick recovery in the postoperative … the possibilities are many!

The format video also brings another advantage: the rapid creation of an emotional connection or more direct link with the public, which feels more palpable way that “knows” the professional.

Keep a steady and consistent pace publications

With the purchase by Facebook, Instagram feed is not chronological. This means that the priority for displaying posts obeys other logical tool, and display of the content is not guaranteed for all the followers of a particular account.

In this context, in order to ensure more visibility, engagement and organic power to your listing, keep consistency in publications is crucial. Basically, the more tanned and interactions, the better the profile is positioned.  

The recommended is to invest in publications about 3 times a day, between stories and posts . “Stay away” the social network makes the scope of the posts fall quickly.

Link in bio

Unlike other social networks, Instagram allows not link other pages on posts. For this reason, the indicated is to insert the link to your site in the bio medical profile (or “about” section, positioned above the feed).

This way, you can direct users to the URL in question whenever necessary.

interact regularly

As we said, the more interactions are stimulated, the better! Short publications and interesting comments, share relevant content, respond to comments on your other profiles of interest. If it is important in any strategy or marketing channel, Instagram the relationship is even more valuable .

His image (literal) is at stake: to ensure by her!

Starting with the good sense in defining the content and the separation of the strictly personal sphere of work, ensure your image and medical integrity is essential. A tool that has on display one of its pillars, the medical management requires greater care dose.

Precautions include not only the “editorial line” of your professional account, but also the strict observation of the CFM regulation. Do not post pictures of before and after, not disclose technologies such as differential service, do not expose patients in any way and be careful with the tone of the posts are some of the relevant rules.

When in doubt, always go for quality information, not for publication . To learn more about the limits imposed by CFM for medical advertising, check reading this article!

Instagram ads, consider advertising on the network

Another side effect of the purchase of Instagram by Facebook was the application of the latter business model in the first, aimed at application profitability. From the change, with business presence in the social network are now able to create targeted ads for your user base as well as in the past on Facebook.

Although the media offers the possibility of organic growth, ads can enhance – and – results. Instagram has several public targeting options, based on factors such as interest, behavior and user profiles.

In addition, it allows you to include a direct call (call to action) clickable these ads, which can guide the patient potential for scheduling page queries, for example. 

With segmentation and assertiveness intelligence, companies can reach an audience of ideal profile, increasing the chances of conversion.

After all, the doctor investment in Instagram always worth it?

Although it offers many possibilities and great potential to create authority / generating engagement, it is important that doctors keep in mind that achieve effective results in the network depends on a number of factors already mentioned in the article, how to keep the periodicity in posts, adjust tone and the type of content and assess the possibilities and limits of medical specialty in question in the context of Instagram .

In this scenario, achieve good results with medical marketing in the media requires constant efforts, besides being an action medium to long term in most cases. Even outsource the management of the social network can be a questionable decision, considering the personal tone inherent to the tool.

In summary, the investment is worth it – but its success depends on planning extremely careful and well-formulated strategy!

To learn more about managing social networks for physicians, do not miss this our post here!

If you want to check out an interesting medical strategy and successful Instagram in practice, we recommend one visit to the professional profile of Dr. Victor Almeida, endocrinologist .

And then, like the information? Be sure to comment and share with us your questions and experiences on the subject.

To the next!

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