The challenge of freelance mothers called conciliation

The challenge of freelance mothers called conciliation

Reconciling work, family and personal life is one of the most important challenges of the Spanish society of the early twenty – first century. Earlier this April, the government announced a new package of measures aimed at self – employed parents, in particular a new bonus to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life of parents freelance . Are you autonomous mother and do not know how to make your day to day easier ? Heed the advice we get you today.

The new measures for autonomous mothers

Being a mother is a unique experience that all should be able to enjoy carefree. With the new measure of conciliation, it is intended that the autonomous mothers pass to be entitled to maternity leave during the first 16 weeks after the birth of her son, charging one hundred percent of the contribution base, being 884.40 € ( the minimum) to qualify for a rebate in income tax of 1,200 €.

You always have to celebrate such initiatives that help us reconcile more work and family life, but we must not forget that there are still many differences between employees and independent and, therefore, there is much to work with . For example, rights for employees arrive until the children are 12 years while for self – employed is up to 7 years.

Tricks to better organize

Whether you’re independent or not, it is not easy to make time for one after maternity leave . In PromoFarma know that child care is always going ahead and how we do not want you to forget you, we make it easy by collecting in one click dietary supplements for your child here .

With these new measures the self-employed parents can reduce working hours by half and will help the business move forward safely reclaiming hiring a person.

  1. Baby mark your schedule : If you adapt your schedule to schedule baby know the time you have to get better organized. When he muerma rest and you should take advantage to take the time and be the most efficient in your work.
  2. Any help is welcome : If you have someone nearby who can help you, take advantage of (family or outside help if you can afford it ).
  3. Do not pretend to be a superwoman : Be realistic and if you do not get to all tasks, outsources functions. For example: financial or administrative issues that take a long time, cédelos a consultant.
  4. Ayúdate of new technologies to optimize your time : management tools that optimize tasks such applications or software you may initially take some time to familiarize yourself with them, but will save long time.
  5. Set yourself a schedule, focus on your plan and avoid distractions : If repartes well your tasks and you spend the time needed to carry it out, you should stay dedicártelo time to you and your family.

Spend time with your child when just being a mother is something that should not cost so much effort into the society we live in . It is good news that conditions are improved maternity traditionally more complicated sectors in our country as entrepreneurs and freelance . We hope to follow watching over and taking care of yours as we have been doing for years giving priority always your wellbeing .

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