The bio cosmetic brands that you should know

The bio cosmetic brands That you should know

A few weeks ago we released section of natural cosmetics in and I discussed their benefits and their warranty seals . However, there are brands that work specific lines of cosmetics and today we tell you what brands you should choose if you care about the environment depending on the area you want to try are.

Weleda – Body Care

It is the brand of choice for those caring and pocket watch . Weleda find it in almost every pharmacy and money is very good .

In the catalog of natural cosmetics and bio Weleda will find products facial and body moisturizing , cosmetics for men , hair care , oral hygiene and products for babies and moms .

Their formats are manifold: oils, creams, lotions and milks, all rich in essential oils 100% vegetable . In the Weleda products accompanied by certificates of guarantee.

Homo naturals – for them

Ho mo Naturals brand is complete natural cosmetics with a wide range of products specially formulated for the care of men ‘s skin .

In you will see that this brand products are intended for skin care in areas such as the eyes, the face (aftershave products) and body (solar, fragrances, etc.).

The products of this Spanish brand carry  vegetable oils 100% pure cold pressed and plant extracts of the highest quality.

They are formulated with a pH 5.5 to preserve the natural hydrolipid skin and one of the advantages of using products of this brand is that their products moisturize and nourish without leaving sheens .

Apivita – versatile natural cosmetics

Apivita is a brand with over 35 years of history that quickly hit the Spanish market through pharmacies products cosmetics with natural components extracted from 85 to 100% .

Is a versatile brand that provides products ranging from  deep hydration with essential oils pure organic , treatments fall arrest and prevention of aging , protection of the environment, stimulation and revitalization of the body and release stress and tension .

Arganour – Argan oil pure

Cosmetics brands natura, Arganour be one of the more specific, since their products are aimed at the production of oil 100% pure argan .

Arganour treatments serve to moisturize skin, hair and nails thoroughly, since the argan oil gives you everything you need to make the best skin of your face . Arganour the products you see younger and beautiful. What are you waiting to try?

Nuxe Bio Beauté – Deep Hydration

Nuxe Bio Beauté is a product line of brand nuxe designed especially for those people who respect the environment, enjoy fruit and fresh flavors and sensitive skin .

They are products with at least 95% natural ingredients , very economical and products ranging from facial moisturizing, nourishing hair masks to body treatments .

Pranarom and Florame – essential oils

If you are interested in products extracted directly from nature and that pays attention to your skin, will interest the Chemotyped natural essential oils . In you will find two big brands with years of experience in the cosmetics and essential oils are Pranarom and Florame.

Both brands offer a product for exceptional skin care respecting nature in their production processes. You’ll get a skin full health and away from synthetic products such as paraffins and parabens .

Now you know what brands look as you’re looking at a line friendly to the environment. You know more brands of natural cosmetics? Let us know your experience with your bio favorite brands .

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