The art of removing makeup at Carnival

The art of removing makeup at Carnival

Now is the weekend of Carnival , and with it the Super costumes and extreme makeups . Some days we take to be a different person and to try things. A glitter eye shadow, hair color, a green lips. Carnival, anything goes, however, we must not forget that then you have to remove all makeup so that the skin does not suffer more damage than necessary.

Skin care pre and post makeup

Before smearing your skin with powders, shadows, lipsticks, profilers and anything you find (ay, costumes last minute …), thoroughly clean the face and apply a cream that moisturizes to prevent damage such as irritation, dryness or appearance stain. In addition, the paint will then better, especially if you will tapáis entire face with a dark colo, black or green.

It is also important to buy makeup in stores specializing in cosmetics . Will last longer, be more respectful of your skin and sure you can reuse it . If you buy your makeup carnival anywhere, you can suffer allergic reactions. Save on drink, not health.

Possible, probable and normal that after a day or a disguised night, the last thing you feel like is desmaquillarte thoroughly , but remember, your skin suffers. Remember also that if the dermis is already exposed to external agents that break down and make it grow old, these days of carnival receives many more hits. more makeup, more layers of dirt and exposed hours. Thus, the chances of generating acne or dark circles are much higher. the same goes lips. You have to hydrate every so often, if only you you paint, you may end up cracked, dry and with a little careful look.

Cleaning makeup areas

Theirs would follow a cleansing routine with all its step, clean skin, apply toner and moisturizer, but maybe using special products and excess, we are going to give some tips

  1. Face. If you had the great idea of using makeup stick or something equally greasy, you better take it off with a cotton swab and cleansing milk to drag dirt much better.
  2. Eyes: Use one explicit eyes, biphasic go very well. Soap and water will never be enough.
  3. The lips. As we have said, they can be dry so desmaquíllalos, if permanent one biphasic solution as the eye is the best choice and apply balm or cocoa afterwards.

When you have finished everything, apply moisturizer , very important. The skin has suffered greatly because too much makeup, and the street party, so a good dose of pampering you deserve. And brush your teeth , ever, no longer will come from here. And enjoy, enjoys the Carnival.

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