The advantages of exercising during pregnancy

The advantages of exercising During Pregnancy

Who said that during pregnancy women could not exercise? Many women are afraid to harm a fetus during pregnancy exercise or even cause a possible abortion. Well, so far not been proven that sport harm the baby’s health. Moreover, physical exercise during the months that pregnancy is very healthy for both mother and baby. There are doctors who say, for example, that sport during the first months can help the growth of the placenta.

Aerobic exercise during pregnancy reduce back pain mothers, help the system to make better digestion and also prevents problems like constipation or edemas. Another benefit of exercising during pregnancy is that it can help make easier the time of delivery.

But it is not only physically posititivo. Exercise during pregnancy also helps mothers in the most emotional part of pregnancy because it reduces stress, insomnia and depression.

But what are the physical activities that mothers can practice during these months?

  • Walking: undoubtedly is the best exercise because it is a simple, safe, comfortable and provides cardiovascular benefits múltimples activity.
  • Aerobics: during the first months expectant mothers can attend aerobics classes, always watching the intensity of the exercises.
  • Yoga or Pilates: an ideal way to mantain flexibility and strengthen muscles activity. Perfect for preparing delivery.
  • Swimming: is an ideal exercise for pregnancy because all muscles are exercised without overstretching the joints.

On the other hand, there are other exercises that are not as healthy and avoid:

  • You run: is not recommended if the woman did not jogging before becoming pregnant. Otherwise, it can be practiced during the first months.
  • Bike: cycling from the 4th month can be dangerous because the baby ‘s weight can cause the mother to become unbalanced and fall.
  • Crunches: are totally prohibited from 4th month because the blood supply to the uterus is reduced.
  • Physical activities like diving , the riding or skiing are not recommended because they can fall pregnant easily.

In any case, exercise during pregnancy is strongly discouraged if the expectant mother begins to notice premature contractions, if bleeding occurs, or if physical problems such as chest discomfort, headaches or respiratory difficulties arise.


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