The absolutely complete guide to a successful medical blog!

The absolutely complete guide to a successful medical blog!

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Social networks are the new sensation of the moment. Organizations around the world already have pages and Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts on Instagram … and several offices too!

But also, it’s no wonder … see this data:

  1. It is estimated that more than 100 million Brazilians access the Internet
  2. Of these, over 80% have contact with social networks
  3. These Brazilians are the most active in worldwide networks: spend an average of more than 3h: 40min A DAY browsing social networks

You can not overlook this behavior, right?

Pages of health professionals on social networks are emerging all the time and it seems that the resistance of these areas with new trends is decreasing gradually. How nice!

However, social networks should not be first on your list of priorities.

A completely based marketing strategy on social networks is very risky! This is because you are putting all your content and information about you in an environment that is not yours.

The downside of this is that, at any time, Facebook, for example, may cease to exist or turn into something else. And then you know what happens to your page and all the followers you gained over time, is not it? Go down the drain.

Second, to conduct a quality page of his office on social networks, you should keep in mind what will be posting: rich and useful content to the audience you want to attract. And though it may be possible to write long texts on Facebook, this is not the most effective strategy.

Social networks are fast, dynamic media and how people react to the content posted on them is different. If you expect to gain a large number of engaged followers with its publication, its content must be adapted to this platform.

They are more direct, visual and short content. But you will not be able to say everything you want in short sentences, right?

So social networks can not be your only strategic way. The basis of their content marketing strategy must be in a completely yours, safe and reliable environment: your blog.

A blog with your domain is the most advantageous option to attract a good base of readers, followers and future patients! There you can explore the content you want and deepen as much as possible on matters of interest to your audience: the blog context allows long items and you will be able to strengthen its authority in rich content to their base.

After designing your blog and produce quality content, then yes it is time to release them on social networks! Note well: social networks should occupy the function to publicize your blog and your website!

If you do not have a website or a blog, talk to us!

Then, on your Facebook page, you post the link to a page of your blog with a call to sharpen the curiosity of his followers!

To draw attention to its content, it is best to disclose them with images and compelling calls on social networks!

But your blog must be well structured before that … And before we start talking about the structure of an ideal blog, we have to answer two important little questions:

Why a blog?

To answer this question, I will show you some data that prove the effectiveness of a health blog to convert visitors into patients:

Can you see the size of the content marketing strength in the business world? Blogs with updated content and rich reinforce the authority of his office and are the main lures to attract a large number of followers!

When we talk about developments in the health field, gain the trust of the public must be among the main goals! And the blog can help you a lot to ensure that this step is complete!

As you saw in the data, 63% of people trust more in companies that produce digital content and 90% of people approve companies that focus on content!

Note that among the data, social networks also appear as strong sales boosters which in our case would be to schedule an appointment! But for that social networks are able to bring such results, they need to be connected to your blog: use social networks to disseminate their content and boost the visibility of your blog!

In other words, concentrate efforts in Blog, use social networks to disclosure. Simple Like That.

Another major advantage: the content you publish on the blog is eternal! No matter how much time passes, the content that you published a year ago, yet will bring positive results to your office!

Imagine nice to see a patient who came to you through an article of your blog! The trust he puts in you facilitate the relationship with this patient will be more open and receptive in the query!

Now, I’ll tell you a secret bonus: Another super advantage of health blogs is that they still are scarce on the web! Few offices are paid attention to this very effective strategy and you can swim laps in this uncharted ocean of content for marketing offices!

But we go to the next question:

My site and my blog may have the same domain?

A lot of people make the same question: why my site can not also be my blog, with the same domain?

Well, ideally, are separate domains, because they are part of strategies that have different goals!

The office’s website has a more institutional level that brings specific information about your office: forms of contact, address, services you offer, etc. and usually have pages for which your ads will be targeted.

Already the blog’s strategy is directed to the content marketing! Therefore, the main focus should be the production of rich content and optimized for the keywords of your office! The goal is to be well Users ranked on the first pages of Google for your blog to appear in response to research your audience!

If the domains are separated, your site can invest in ads all you want that it will not mess up the ranking of the contents of your blog on Google Health, unfortunately, have to take some precautions to avoid punishment by terms of use of these tools …


Now we can get back to talking about the structure of the blog!

We’ve talked here about the structure of an ideal medical site , and I showed you the elements that can not miss in this important strategy for the visibility of your office!

But what about the blog?

How should a doctor blog?

When it comes to blog, what really matters are the contents! The visuals and the structure of your blog do not matter much to Google (search platform where you must aim at the time to produce your articles!), But a nice design can let your more satisfied visitors, is not it?

So, so I’ll give some tips on the ideal structure of a blog, but do not focus all your efforts on it! Remember, content is what matters!

To help you see better, I will use the iMedicina blog structure as an example!

  • Top area, highlighting : This is the arrival of structure! You should welcome his visitor through a phrase that has to do with their area of expertise or an attractive image. This area also has to capture emails function through a call to encourage your audience to register to receive more information and new content from your blog:


  • Content Area: In an ideal blog structure, its contents should be highlighted on the page: a list of your recent articles, for example, should occupy the central space of your blog! All the value that your blog has to offer the visitor is here and you must call as much attention as possible to this field.

  • Sidebar : This is the area that has a small navigation menu created by you, you may be categories of the main issues discussed in the blog, such as the iMedicina. It also serves to enable the person to find your topic of interest more easily, in addition to learning more about you and other related articles links.  

And ssa sidebar can be right or left. But, remembering that the Western reading mode is from left to right: then it would be better that the content was on the left, as should be the main focus on your blog!

  • Footer area: You can not forget to leave here the privacy policies of your blog for the user to know what you will do with the information he gets there. This link is extremely important, as Google and Facebook take into account his presence and it helps in the ranking of your pages! Also, at the bottom, it is also important that you comments and links to other articles and related content.

Well, this is a structure I and iMedicina team tested and evaluated for a long time on our experiences with various blogs of health! You may notice that the design and structure of our blog seeks to highlight and give prominence to the content published on it, since, as I said, this should be your primary focus!

But the question is … how to replicate this structure in the blog of your office?

Though simple, the structure of an ideal medical blog requires you to take a moment of your activities to devote to your creation!

In the article we posted recently here on optimal medical website, we show you the iMedicina has a tool that lets you create your own website easily, quickly and conveniently with all the elements that an ideal site health You must have to convert more visitors into patients!

We provide the template and you only need to customize it with the information, colors and images that relate to your medical specialty!

Well, you might be wondering now: “but what about the blog?”.

We could not leave it out, right? The blog is the main strategy and we value most in iMedicina here!

Thinking about it, we could not fail to include a blogging tool in the creation of medical software of iMedicina! And that’s what we did …

Create the perfect blog for your office with iMedicina

In iMedicina, we provide the structure of an ideal blog now ready for you to edit. 

He was totally based on studies done about health blog and will structure all these elements on which we talked today!

This feature is included among all other proposed solutions we think for the management and marketing of your office! In addition to creating your own website and also a medical blog, we also think of other means to facilitate their management!

The blogging tool and iMedicina the site, and numerous other features, you can learn more about it on our website! Take a look!

Increase the results of his office with iMedicina!

Ask for a contact!


I hope that today’s article has helped!

Continue following the blog to find out more tips on management and marketing for offices!

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