The 5 gifts you should ask the Magi

The 5 gifts You should ask the Magi

The Kings have already left East, and you still do not have your card list? We are five gift ideas that are sure will come in handy. Also for those little gifts they left to be done and do not get inspired. Dear wise men…

  1. The cosmetics is the queen of the categories of beauty. Who does not have a mascara about to end? Look in your toiletry bag and sure to find something that soon you’ll have to buy, so you better ask Him to Reyes save you and save you a headache who have to think what to get. Do you use moisturizer every day? Very well take care of yourself! So what do you think a pack of day cream , night cream and serum ? The range of Postquam Pack Luxury Gold will give you all protective and moisturizing benefits to your face Gold This pack is a great gift!
  2. The beginning of a year is a unique opportunity to establish new habits, for example, care for your skin. Have you ever thought of applying a deeper treatment to your face to fight over the years? Start time has come. From PromoFarma we recommend the treatment with blisters and, especially, that of Martiderm Proteoglicanos it incorporates repairers of proteoglycans and vitamin C pure in its composition, which makes it a fierce warrior against sagging, dry skin and wrinkles face and neck. Want to know how blisters antiaging treatments work? We’ll tell you in this post .
  3. And if the Magi, apart from the camels … come with stork! For sure your family and friends, crazy happy, you have filled the house of baby products coming on the way. You think you do not need anything else? Eyeballing sure our catalog so you do not forget anything. Have you already ordered your baby monitor or the bottle warmer? In addition, the Kings you will come to apply those great products that your baby will spend (much) as hygiene products. The maletite Mustela has products for diaper change, for skin care baby bath, for any time of day … He is sooooo cute!

Recommended products

C-Vit Serum 30ml + 50ml cream gel. choche intensive treatment against photoaging.
  • Sesderma Box 2017 Christmas-Vit C

    39.95 € 38.20 €


Rechargeable electric brush teeth with rounded head and two modes of use
  • Oral-B® Pro 2000 electric toothbrush

    84.69 € 70.24 €


  1. This year you fancy Reyes ordered more naturally and ecologically . Why not try aromatherapy? This year requests that you give away a purer air or a perfect environment with an aromatic diffuser . The diffuser Pranarôm has the advantage of making the cold diffusion with the method of dry nebulization. That is, only achieves aromatization with pure essential oils microparticulate, without water and heating. It is ideal for homes with children. If you still do not know all the benefits that aromatherapy and essential oils , our blog will explain it . Once you’re in love, like us, aromatherapy, head over to our catalog of diffusers and humidifiers and finish your letter of the Kings.
  2. Please, sir , you’ve been asking you without knowing what the Magi, get us out of the typical (although very practical and functional) shaving kit and take a look at the products of male cosmetics . Perhaps now it is time to start applying facial care anti – aging, such as moisturizers, eye contours, serum … For example, the pack of Sesderma menu contains a revitalizing lotion and a lotion anti – aging that will make your skin look much younger and cared for . If that still does not end your letter, we also have hair clippers, facial cleansers, moisturizing, perfumes, etc.

Make it easy for the Magi. We do not want to hear this “I do not want anything!” When you know a little present will fall by Reyes. That yes, only if you’ve done well! Happy Three Kings!

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