The 10 basic for your vanity case

The 10 basic for your vanity case

The summer holidays are just around the corner but before heading to your destination must prepare consciously your travel kit and do not forget anything: body and facial cosmetics, moisturizer, shampoo, oral hygiene, makeup … the list is endless !.
You complicate not including all the products you have at home, no one knows better than you what is most essential to your day. The trick is to pick the 10 basis more essential for you to see beautiful.

Tips for choosing your basic:

They have finally reached the long – awaited vacation were waiting so long and you are ready to make your kit beauty to be perfect at all times.
As much as we propose, we fail to always carry a good travel kit. Want to learn how to optimize the space of your case and bring just enough?

  1. Remember, your motto during the summer should be “Less is more”: Try not to turn your face into a canvas. In summer you do not need to charge your eyes or paint every day a different color your lips.
  2. Forbidden to paint the face with tired skin: In the summer the skin is punished more, for this reason, avoid makeup every two seconds. You must return to your face all the freshness you need and nourish your skin with a moisturizer that does not dry out .
  3. Test your makeup with sticks:   sticks or make – bar format are the latest in cosmetic because they do not take up too much space and are very practical. You will be able to touch up at any time, not dry and last all day !.
  4. Ten  hand special editions: Every summer firms launch editions specially designed for traveling as the box body cosmetics of Weleda brand you can find in our website and you can solve more than one problem.
  5. Use the free samples of the hotels: Whenever you stay at a hotel, use the samples they give you. Surely you find body creams and other beauty products in mini size if looking in the drawer where you keep your samples!
  6. Take your favorite perfume in a dispenser bottle:  No need for you to leave your favorite cologne or perfume, remember carrying it in a small jar. In the summer holidays you can still smell equally well, never give up your scent unless you prefer take a fruity gel!
  7. Depílate before traveling: If you do not want any hair asome recalls shaving thoroughly before leaving home.


10 essential beauty products for your toiletry bag.

Whenever it comes time to make travel kit, we are assailed by the question: What products cosmetics I take? Some begin well in advance to avoid being nothing and others do haste to pass this situation as soon as possible.
Forget about carrying products that do not usually use and grab your emergency kit. There are a number of beauty products that can not miss in your travel kit:

  1. Wipes: Never leave a package trip without refreshing wipes. Buy a wipes that are moisturizing and avoid possible irritation from the sweat.
  2. BB cream: Unify your tone, erases imperfections, illuminates and moisturizes your face in a single product. BB cream are perfect for your travel kit and covering any granite or without carrying wrinkle concealer.
  3. Toothbrush:  Oral hygiene is very important. A trick? Bring folding brushes and tooth paste small so you do not take up too much space on the vanity, they’re perfect for traveling!
  4. Deodorizer: Indispensable! With the heat you can not smell bad, so do not forget your deodorant roll on.
  5. Sun cream with bronzer: Remember to put in your case a solar sunscreen. Even if your destination is not beach, your skin will be equally exposed to UVB / UVA rays. Also, you can find a cream that includes sunscreen to wear a perfect tan.
  6. Moisturizer: The change much water can dry your skin. In addition, small rashes or acne breakouts because heat may occur. To prevent these symptoms, it included in your toiletry bag a moisturizer that provides a feeling of softness and comfort to your skin.
  7. Small emergency kit: Do not forget to add dressings, scuff protectors and mosquito repellent, these three miraculous products can save on more than one occasion.
  8. Tweezers: We must never forget our eyebrows and framing our eyes and shape can change the expression of our face. Keep your hand in case your tweezers to retouch any occasion.
  9. Multipurpose hygiene: Chlorine, sea salt, sun … they can damage our hair and skin. To save space on your vanity products you can use 2 in 1 (shampoo + gel). In addition, an excellent choice to keep your hair clean and fresh for longer are hygiene products with fruit fragrances. You’ll smell good and not have to bring your colony! Remember bring in a small jar so you can get on the plane and you fit in your beauty kit with no problems.
  10. And finally, your eyeliner and lipstick or lipgloss favorite: Sure you have your makeup emergency has solved more than one situation you trouble, right ?. Do not forget to include them in your case.


Carefully choose the 10 indispensable products for your toiletry bag . If you want to be presentable on your days off, do not neglect your image and optimizes space in the best possible way to not load your bag with extra weight. Let’s enjoy your well deserved holiday!

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