Tania Llasera as is

Tania Llasera as is

Thus defined Tania Llasera . In 2005, after leaving Britain to find his other roots- his beloved mother is London- and work for various English channels, he returned to Spain and settle in Madrid. Since then he has not stopped working. It is undoubtedly one of the world ‘s best known television faces. Naturalness and closeness reaching transgress the heart of the viewer screen.

CUIDATE: You say you’re just in and out of television Is that the secret of your success?

TANIA LLASERA: I think so. So I really do not say. One day returning from a press conference in which I thousand interviews I told my agent: “Elena, always ask me What ?, define yourself to yourself and do not really know what to say, how am I? Then she answered me, you’re just inside than outside the screen “. So I believe her, I trust her a lot. really I do not know to be someone else or another version. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself because everyone else is caught”. I remember from very tiny lying to say I do not know, I’m not an actress, I just know to be the best version of myself. For better or worse, I am very real.

C: You define yourself as a bilingual communicator. The world of communication is very broad and covers many different facets in which of them you feel more comfortable?

TL: Where I feel most comfortable is in the works that allow me to be myself. Those who can take my land and make something of my personality. For example, in an awards show or when I present a very serious act and give me carte blanche to be spontaneous and natural, that’s where brightness.

C: You’ve been with Jesus Vazquez presenting different editions KIDS voice and voice. Your role in the program is essential What brings you professionally and personally?

TL: A program that came a little bounce, had sooooo looking forward to working with Jesus because he had never worked with him. I have seen Jesus will literally since I was 10 or 12 years when it was “Speaking Basque means”. In all formats has done, there are millions. I really wanted to work with someone so professional and so nice like him. The truth is I’m delighted. Moreover, the format itself is the best gift. Is a bonbon to La Voz and La Voz Kids is a filled chocolate cookie (laughs). It’s the best that could have happened to me, I’m super proud especially because it is the typical format has two facets. On the one hand, a futurist who are social networks, to live through the fourth screen and on the other hand, you return to the past because it is a program that does what once was done in the 50s or 60s, which it is to gather the whole family in front of a screen. It is to be “multipantalleando”. In the case of La Voz Kids, I’m sponge nerves of children. I love! It’s the best part of my job. When you start the program, the 240 – person team we get excited.

C: What project says yes, Tania Llasera?
TL: In that in which I can believe blindly.

C: Social networks are part of your life deserve What is your opinion?
TL: For me indispensables.Ahora not imagine watching TV without social networks especially the formats lend themselves more to it such as reality shows, contests and entertainment. To me fun me a lot because people are super creative, I find the best writers in the world. Twitter is a basic tool and Instagram, Instagram Stories, etc. us closer if anything even more people you admire or you are interested. I learned to cook and do many things on social networks. Of course, like everyone has a dark side as are the haters, trolls and others but it seems more important to emphasize the positive. I could not watch TV and no mobile or ipad nearby.

C: You claim that “you requetechifla maximally eat” and you are also an “emotional eater”. Tell us how you take care now that you are expecting your second baby.
TL: I care in that I find almost every whim. In this second pregnancy it is true that I have learned the first in which I gained a lot and I devoted to the contemplative life. Now, I can not do it for two reasons: One, I have a child skipping in the gut and two, try not to get fat too and I’m going to have to work during pregnancy and need to be comfortable in my body. Besides, fatten much forces you to lose weight if only for health and is a can. The more you can save me now better for the future. I have a personal trainer who comes one day a week to train , I took the far nursery in the near, which is 2 km and so I force myself to go every day walking to fetch the child.

C: Last year sponsor of the event were “Session Teta” and repeat this year. Tell us about this initiative.
TL: It ‘s a very interesting initiative for nursing mothers . It is going to the cinema to see a movie that is in theaters with your husband or your partner and your baby. You can breastfeed or make the air while you enjoy the movie without anyone look weird . In fact, the other day I was viewing a friend who has just given birth and say , “What anger can not go to the movies” and said: you can! in the “Teta Session” of the valley you can already go to the movies with your baby. In addition, you share your experience with other mothers who can become friends or companions of the diaper.

C: What’s your answer if they ask you reconcile ¿?
TL: I do what I can as all. There is a saying: “It was better to be mother before.” Before becoming a mother had a thousand ideas how I would do it and now I’m a mom, I do what I can and try to do the best I know . That to reconcile it seems a bit utopian truth. We live in a generation in which women increasingly want more, more and more things we want to do: have a career, have a family, go grocery shopping, cooking, … and that’s complicated. I once read that good mothers are dirty and cluttered home ovens. The important thing is to feel good and your children are healthy and happy.

C: You’re a healthy woman. You healthy recommendation for our readers.
TL: I have many tips but most importantly is take each day a little hole for your own emotional health and do something you like, whether reading, listening to music, eating chocolate or take the dog. You need to reconnect with yourself every day for your emotional well – being.

C: Can not live without …

TL: My family.

C: The best advice I’ve been given …

TL: You’re the one that best meets your child. So trust your maternal instinct.

C: What ever missing in your bag …

TL: Lipstick. I’m the queen of the lipstick .

Image: Mediaset Spain.

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