Success of Yoga Mum in the Babies and Moms Room!

Success of Yoga Mum Babies and Moms in the Room!

The weekend of 21 and 22 May PromoFarma presented Yoga Mum , an initiative that promotes healthy and balanced life for babies and moms through yoga. There were workshops, lectures, snacks healthy and gifts for everyone who passed through the booth in Hall Promofarma Mothers and Babies in Barcelona. 

Yoga helps future mothers wings to strengthen the pelvic floor to relax before the arrival of the time of delivery, better sleep and improve your immune system. Besides creating a special bond with the child, the practice of yoga, and sport in general; It helps improve the mood of children to channel their fears and insecurities and promotes discipline. Of all the benefits they enjoyed those who participated in one of the 12 workshops that since PromoFarma were offering under the Hall of Mothers and Babies .160530_YogaMum

In addition, before each class, Sea, our pharmaceutical , advised mothers about products and situations and resolve all doubts about motherhood. “The best advice is to consult health professionals, doctors and pharmacists who are those who are trained to stir doubts and to know what works best for each person. When in doubt, ask, do not take anything if the product is not known , “he explained Mar. also stressed that beyond the care of the skin before and after childbirth, major questions, it was important to think about even before getting pregnant. If you want to get pregnant it will be interesting to take vitamins like iron and folic acid to promote pregnancy. Also men can take antioxidants or omega – 3 to increase fertility. Already pregnant once, take care of food because all it takes is mother to the mother , “he said.

Also counted Mar, l nutrition is the basis of health , and to recover forces have a cart full of seasonal fruit. At the time of pregnancy, the expectant mother is aware of what you eat, but it is also important before and after childbirth. “Iron is very important because the fetus needs for metabolism, also drink water and take it easy”, had Mar.

Finally, all those who participated in the workshops and / or visited the stand bag PromoFarma took a lot of baby products and participate in a draw for 100 euros to spend on Promofarma . These days of illusion that we hope to repeat soon. Until then, enjoy our album Facebook .


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