Should my clinic join a number of health plans?

Should my clinic join a number of health plans?

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As best plans: my clinic must adhere to various health plans?

Health plans are important allies of the population that does not want to depend on the SUS (Unified Health System) offered by the Government, but also can not afford to pay for all medical expenses of a particular service, especially those involving procedures, hospitalizations and surgeries.

Beneficial to society for doctors, professionals of health, clinics and laboratories, health plans are also interesting alternatives to increase the number of visits during the month, as every day you see a noticeable decrease of private consultations.

And more: remain today without regard to agreements can be a difficult task for most of the class, to stand, it has invested in accreditation to numerous plans in order to fill all the hours of your schedule.

In this context, it is important to answer some common questions to doctors and professionals who can be accredited to health plans and that is precisely what we will do in this article. Read on and understand more about this subject!

It is worth to accredit health plans?

Yes and no, this is the kind of question that can not be answered generally. So let’s talk a little deeper in some different perspectives?

It is worth accredit health plans? Yes, but very worth it!

Serve insured patients to health care providers is one of the simplest ways of doing business turn as the professional as well as the office, can have access to a greater number of patients, increasing their visibility and the number of calls made each month . And do not smoke here! We’ll talk about other important advantages in the next topic, right?

It is worth accredit health plans? No, not really worth it!

Unfortunately, the other side of the scale we have the reality that the covenants do not pay very well for professionals who are accredited to them. Some values ​​are even ridiculous, not worth so worthwhile for doctors who need to meet a huge number of patients to have some sort of profit.

Three advantages to accredit health plans

1. Ideal for doctors in early career

One of the great advantages enxergadas by doctors and other professionals to be accredited to health plans is the ability to make business start walking early in his career.

Recent graduates or even professionals who are opening their offices and clinics after some time to market are key stakeholders in close partnership with operators, as thus gain space within your area to see patients who come to your establishment by means of specific agreements.

Contact with a multitude of patients is the kickoff for those who want to form a large contact list. It also helps the professional to fill their free time on the agenda, holding the monthly income of the business and allowing it to gain enough experience.

2. It allows the expansion of the patients wallet

Another important point is the expansion of the portfolio of the doctor’s patients, a huge advantage that collaborates with health professionals at various times in his career and trajectory reaching from the beginning, the first steps of your business, to redesign the listing something common especially among professionals working in the areas of pediatrics and geriatrics.

Health plans cater to thousands of people who can, at any time, find the phone in his office medical guide, writing to mark a service able to make a new patient.

The greater the number of patients, better for the professional, right? But do not forget to provide quality and efficiency at each visit for these new patients are kept returning and indicating your establishment to relatives and friends.

3. It contributes to building the reputation of the professional

Finally, another advantage commonly observed among physicians that serve health plans is the possibility of building an entire professional reputation in this period in which the office is accredited.

It is noteworthy that this is strongly perceived especially in smaller or regional cities, when the professional meets a specific area.

The construction of the name of a doctor is one of his major goals before graduating as the recognition in this area also means a better monthly income and ability in the future to just keep making private calls, which are very more profitable for the professional.

Exclusivity with operators: this is legitimate?

Finally, another common question to doctors and professionals is whether the operators may require service exclusive contract, or if may require that an establishment only meets certain health plan.

This is not legitimate. No operator can make such a requirement being therefore free to accredit professional to how many health plans want.

Regardless of their decision as to health plans, it is important that the health professional sees his office as an enterprise that need strategic attention. You have to invest some of your time to plan actions for dissemination of practice and increase the quality of care.

Invest in a good management can impact on results rather than the office offers you every month. So it is important to start thinking about investing in technology to centralize all office processes – administrative, financial and strategic – in one place: a management software and marketing for offices.

In  iMedicina  we offer this possibility! Learn about our proposed visit to  our website  and better understand how to computerize your office and attract new patients!

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