Rosa López, happy and grateful

Rosa Lopez, happy and grateful

Kairos is the new album of Rosa Lopez . It is a step forward in his career. A complete, smart, sincere and positive album that exalts self improvement. It has decided to present his latest work live, very close to the audience as she likes, which is an authentic interpretation of his soul bare.

Rosa Lopez, committed to the natural . Leads a healthy lifestyle, he plays sports, is vegan and opt for natural solutions to keep your line. CUIDATE has had the opportunity to interview her and the more you know, the more you admire.

Interview with Rosa Lopez

Your new KAIRÓS work reflects your feelings and personal experiences Is an interpretive naked?

Artists continually live baring our soul, the worst is that hooked! Often simply also express from something already experienced, it passed. In this case a maximum, be positive and grateful, think that the here and now is where the true importance and of course love each other a lot, give and give us much love holistically.

Do you feel that this is your moment?

Every second is our time, our life, the opportunity to be a better “you”. I live continuously happy and grateful to life, whether it is little as if a lot.

Life is capricious and sometimes tests us does the best therapy to get out of a rut?

In my case, I do much good music, exercise and reading. Indispensable care is essential!

Rosa code from your blog you say that “Being dreamers is the only thing that moves your emotions” What dreams Rosa Lopez?

Always dream of a better world with more empathy, more respect, more awareness. To grow to help others more. A duet with my admired Anastasia. With an acoustic tour. With fashion. To make a film that was a challenge. To unite everything I like and trans-ferirlo to society and continue my self growth since love! Health of mine. With social health. With travel to the Galapagos, see a giant turtle and could hold her or go to places I’ve ever seen. To learn languages. To serve as much to society before I leave this world.

rosa lopez

You are an ambassador of the Diet Arkopharma artichoke Do you bet so naturally to keep your line? How do you take care of your food?

always looking for the natural, because I think everything away from Mother Earth is not sustainable over time. With my healthy lifestyles, looking for all that work and I feel good Arkopharma is paradise! I always get my job to deal with that so many times it makes me difficult to do so.

You healthy recommendation for our readers

“If you are not right, nothing will go well,” that’s my motto. So every day I try to create an order and prioritize the many fronts that open want basic ?: sleep, exercise, eat healthy and drink water … important! The rest? … it is facing depending on how you feel.

I ever needed in your bag …

Same thing in all bags! But depending on the schedule of the day, insurance is not missing my phone and charger, because with him I get all of my work, music. My meditation, my texts of endless thoughts, my reading, my doubts to solve, my plans … my social network, my family, my friends … etc. WATER and pears and / or tangerines, along with raw nuts. Sometimes not enough time to eat and is practical.

Very personal

  1. A memory. The excitement of sound for the first time on the radio.
  2. A song. Not that King of Anastasia. It brings back memories before being a public person.
  3. A smell. The family of my house.
  4. A flavour. Among others, toast bread freshly made.
  5. A place to miss. Come in my nephews!
  6. Fulfill a dream. To travel to many places. Speak English. Projects with people who want to change our world to a better world …

If you want to know more, read the full interview in our magazine.

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