Relationship with health plan: how to improve it in my office


Relationship with Health Plan: how to Improve it in my office

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The right to health is an act provided for in the Constitution. The Unified Health System (SUS), albeit with many flaws, is the best health care model to be applied. However, the lack of infrastructure for the implementation of the work of medical professionals, especially in the core network, caused many doctors desencantassem of job opportunities in the SUS. As a result of this movement, the large number of patients was subjected to lengthy consultations and often inefficient.

The panorama initiated with the collapse of SUS made private assists health gained strength and a vast land to explore. In addition, the rise of class C in the early 2000s led to the search for health plans and providers further increase. Therefore, many doctors have migrated to the supplemental health system, hoping to increase the quality of service provided and gains at the end of the month.

Joining a health plan

Typically, recent college graduates seeking the creation of a reputation in the labor market in the accreditation envision a health care plan a chance to win this goal faster. In addition, the possibility to serve insured patients to particular assists in private offices allowed the doctor to broaden its service offering.

To join a health plan, however, the interest should start from the medical professional. It begins on the first contact with the consultant of the health insurance companies. A clear and direct relationship on both sides, expressed in the contract, it is the beginning of every good relationship between doctor and agreements.

Accreditation is a bureaucratic process and its membership offers the professional the opportunity to show the insured medical guide the operator. Many doctors opt for accreditation, while acting in private practice and / or public health.

You need to seek the doctor to learn about all the practices of a health plan, as well as examination and approval procedures, the most important values ​​for services and payment terms. Often, prior knowledge of these factors contribute to a healthy and lasting relationship between covenant and doctors.

Considerations on the relationship between health insurance and medical professionals

As previously reported, it is the professional show interest to accredit health plans and providers. But lately, many doctors expressed dissatisfaction with the ratio covenants. This is due, in most cases, the difficulty to allow tests, surgeries and other procedures. The low value offered for their services is another point very questioned by doctors.

So it is very important that the professional becomes aware of the news about the Brazilian supplementary health and consider whether it is interesting to be accredited or not. Certainly, if these guidelines are taken into account, the relationship with health plans and physicians will be much better.

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