Properties and benefits of royal jelly

Properties and benefits of royal jelly

The royal jelly is a liquid substance of natural origin, as it is produced by bees to feed larvae and queen. The larvae feed on royal jelly during their first days of life, managing to multiply its weight per thousand in just three days. The secret of longevity of queens -can live up to five years is undoubtedly the royal jelly because, unlike larvae feed on it for life.

It is said that royal jelly is the most concentrated natural food thanks to its rich vitamin and mineral formulation. The richness of nutrients in royal jelly makes a substance beneficial for those cases where an energetic, revitalizing and restorative needs support body suitable for people of any age, from children to the elderly.

Composition of royal jelly

The royal jelly is composed of the following nutrients and elements :

  • Water : It is the main element in the composition of royal jelly, around 60%.
  • Protein : 13% royal jelly are proteins, including essential amino acids.
  • Sugars : About 13% of the composition of royal jelly corresponds to carbohydrates, simple sugars such as fructose, glucose or maltose.
  • Lipids : About 5% royal jelly are fatty acids whose antifúgicas and antibacterial properties confer a long shelf life .
  • Vitamins : Royal jelly is rich in a lot of vitamins A, C, D, E, and especially the group B (B1, B2, B3 or PP, B5, B6, B8, folic acid , and inositol).
  • Minerals and trace elements : iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and sodium are some of the minerals and trace elements present in the royal jelly.

Royal jelly

10 Benefits of Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly provides multiple health benefits in the body. Among the benefits of royal jelly include the following ten:

  1. It provides energy and vitality while fighting fatigue and physical and mental fatigue.
  2. Delays aging by promoting hydration and skin elasticity.
  3. Increases oxygenation of the brain and promotes their nerve impulses.
  4. Increases appetite and promotes growth of children.
  5. Promotes normal blood pressure levels .
  6. It contributes in many metabolic processes .
  7. Strengthens the defenses of the immune system.
  8. It stimulates circulation blood.
  9. Increases fertility .
  10. It is detoxifying .

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is especially recommended during the winter months because low temperatures accompanied stress from the hustle of the pace of life we live , poor diet and lack of sleep can play tricks.

A gift of nature as royal jelly is not to waste it , because as we have seen its composition is rich in vitamins and minerals that provide multiple benefits to the health of people. Juanola , Leotron , ArkorealVitaflor or Apiserum are experts in royal jelly and brands whose products will naturally transmit nutrients of royal jelly so that your body does not lack energy and vitality.

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