Presume of feet in summer

Presume of feet in summer

When unclog our feet has come. After these long months of cold Have we agreed our feet? Are you ready to show off a pretty sandals? When performing our beauty routines, this body part is one of the most neglected until these days. With the arrival of high temperatures, changing closed shoes exposed and we will be frequently in contact with water, it is easier to have common foot problems like corns , mushrooms, cracks, blisters … So it’s important coddle a bit.

Keep healthy feet

The best way to prevent these problems is by taking a few minutes a day at our feet and following these tips:

  1. Footwear . We must choose a comfortable and breathable shoes that allow the foot to move freely to prevent chafing and blisters. Flip – flops used for wet areas such as swimming pools and prevents direct contact of the feet with the ground. We should not abuse the use of closed shoes, since increasing temperature and thus sweating, they can fungus appear . When you are using closed shoes using thin socks.
  2. Hydrate . In summer we need extra moisture. Moisturize your feet daily, apply cream specific for this body part preferably at night, to prevent sweating during the day. This will prevent cracks and calluses, but if you already use an emollient cream based on urea . Hydrate also drink two liters of water per day.
  3. Sunscreen . We know that you are one of those areas of the body that you forget, if you wear bare feet wearing shoes and they will be exposed to the sun, you should apply sunscreen.
  4. Hygiene . Feet tend to get dirty and sweat more than other parts of the body, so we have to follow a daily cleaning plants washing well, nails and between fingers with specific soaps with antibacterial and antifungal action. It helps eliminate dead cells and skin bacteria. Once a week or every 15 days using pumice in the rugged and rough areas like heels recommended, will help us to remove calluses.
  5. Nails . You must keep nails short feet, you límalas every few weeks to keep them healthy and strong. It will help when they grow ingrown nails not on the sides. They must be cut straight across and not rounded using pliers.
  6. Dry feet. It is very important that your feet are completely dry because moisture causes mold may appear. After the feet have been in contact with water must be dried carefully, especially between the toes and the crease formed at the junction of these in the plant.
  7. Exfoliation and massage . To keep feet free of dead skin and prevent calluses or calluses, use a scrub to massage gently with your hands a few minutes, at least twice a week.
  8. Control sweating. Sweat can be a big problem, not only because of the discomfort also by the bad smell that can cause. If your feet sweat a lot is recommended that you use leather shoes, breathable and open. To control the sweating we can use deodorants and antiperspirants.

Remember that the feet is the most important part of our body, now more than ever not forget and give the treatment they deserve, will feel the difference. With these tips you can have beautiful and cared feet.

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