Physical activity: Understand how it can improve your health

Physical activity: Understand how it can Improve your health

Most people live an accelerated routine, which includes performing a multitude of tasks daily. These activities can be divided between the professional environment, staff and even academic, factors that lead many to have less and less time to take care of themselves.

To relieve the day busy day, the technology  began to gain ground. Today, many things can now be resolved via the Internet or the phone itself, eliminating the need to leave home to shop, pay bills and more.

As a result of these two scenarios, people have become more sedentary, forgetting the numerous benefits that the practice of physical activity can provide for their physical and emotional health.

To help you to reverse this situation, we list here the 6 major benefits that exercise can bring to your health. Continue reading and understand the importance of keeping the body in constant activity!

1. Increase available

One of the most notable benefits that physical activity provides to the body is increased disposal. It is a fact: who exercises regularly wakes up more rested and have more energy to perform the tasks of their day to day, which can be felt at work, household chores and, of course, play.

When compared to the sedentary, active people feel tired less often and have more available throughout the day. This benefit can be felt even with simple exercises – such as walking or jogging, for example – since practiced regularly.

2. Improves the quality of sleep

People suffering from insomnia or who can not get enough rest during sleep can greatly benefit from physical activity. This is because the glass releases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that help induce relaxation of mind.

Added to this, the muscles go into exhaustion, causing physical fatigue calling by sleep. Thus, you can sleep better and wake up ready to face the routine. Even some doctors use physical activity as an additional resource in the treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders.

3. Helps to control anxiety and depression

Another benefit of physical activity is its effectiveness in controlling anxiety and depression. As you saw in the previous section, serotonin is released during the exercises, and this neurotransmitter is involved in the wellness feeling experienced by our body.

Make physical activity a regular basis can be an ally in the treatment of people who have anxiety, depression or other psychological disorders associated. This habit helps relieve symptoms such as discouragement, sadness, nervousness and irritability, making the patient feel better.

It is important to remember that you should never replace the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Physical activity should be used only as a supplement and only after the release of expert.

4. Helps control weight

Physical activity also helps to achieve and maintain healthy body weight. This is because the body uses energy to work out, and with it, the extra colorias that would be stored as fat are burned during practice. Besides the health benefits, this weight control can also leave the most satisfied person with their aesthetic appearance, contributing to increased self-esteem.

And not only that: this control also helps prevent the occurrence of diseases that are also the result of overweight, such as diabetes, hypertension , obesity, heart disease and cholesterol high, major causes of mortality worldwide.

A US study by  Framingham Heart Study kitted out that people who practice physical activities can live about 3.7 years longer than sedentary people. Therefore, the exercises also help you live longer and better quality of life!

5. Decreases stress

Physical exercise promotes a relaxation of mind and body, it allows release tension accumulated daily. In addition, it generates an intense feeling of well-being, which can be felt both during and after the activity.

All this is due to the release of endorphin hormone and neurotransmitter dopamine and serotonin, which are involved in the sensation of happiness, pleasure and euphoria. The endorphins also acts as a natural painkiller, increasing the sense of well-being.

All this shows that being physically active is a great way to control the stress of everyday life and improve mood. So you can bring more peace to the troubled and full routine appointments, anxiety, pressure and demands that most people face.

6. Improves fitness

Another benefit of regular physical activity is a considerable improvement of physical conditioning. After all, exercise helps to:

  • improving blood circulation and the supply of nutrients to the tissues;
  • increase the exchange of gases in the lung, as the body starts to get more air and spread more oxygen into the blood;
  • increase the strength of heart, passing the best pump blood;
  • become the most developed and toned muscles, increasing their strength.

7. Other benefits of physical activity

Other benefits that exercise can bring to your health are:

  • improving memory;
  • elevation of healthy bones and joints;
  • relief of chronic pain;
  • decreased chance of hospitalization for chronic diseases;
  • reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack;
  • pressure control blood.

Now it became clear that the exercises have great power to bring more health and quality of life for your day to day, is not it? Remember that in order for these benefits to be felt, it is necessary for the practice of activities is regular – ie at least half an hour a day or three times a week.

Do not forget also that any physical activity should only be initiated after medical assessment, and it is essential that it be guided by a qualified professional such as a physical education teacher or a physiotherapist. Only they will know exactly what is the most appropriate exercise intensity and the most suitable for you.

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