Night Routine: Let your skin rest!

Night Routine: Let your skin rest!

Everything is a matter of routine, habits. Sometimes the skin care requires certain routines to enjoy perfect moisturizing and refreshing effect. There are women who are reluctant to skin care: lack of time, forgetfulness, adjusted with daily chores agendas … There are many excuses we can find when justifying why not take care of our skin.

However there is a solution for those who “want to” and “can not” Would you know what? Routine. Create the habit of doing one thing is basic to not forget to take care of our skin. It is not complicated, in fact our life is full of routines that structure our doing: cooking, showering … sure you follow certain procedures unconsciously!

4 tips to keep your skin rest

  1. After brushing your teeth I still do not turn out the light! Clean your face with a cleansing lotion or gel to remove the debris of the day on your skin. In addition, your skin will be more receptive to subsequent treatments.
  2. During this cleaning, you can also opt for a gentle exfoliation . Through this circular massage and soft, will eliminate dead skin cells to leave it clean and healthy. Skin and be 100% ready for any other treatment as anti-aging, moisturizing, etc. Only perform 1 or 2 times a week this treatment.
  3. You can opt for an astringent or invigorating tonic to relax the skin and soothe any skin irritation.
  4. It’s time for the cream, treatment moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-stain or what you most prefer. It is important to apply the cream before bed and let the active treatments act overnight. Certain treatments are suitable for the night because they are rich in retinol or AHA so its application during the day could lead to photosensitivity to sun exposure.

Few steps before going to bed small details that make the difference of healthy skin and nourished a lackluster and elasticity. Mentalízate and follow a nightly routine to protect your skin!


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