Natural draining slimming

Natural Draining slimming

When we talk about drenantes we refer to these products designed to eliminate toxins and improve circulation of fluids in our body. Sure you have more than once felt fatigue in the legs and heaviness, as one of the most common problems in women is fluid retention , which is aggravated by the heat of summer and can have several causes , as we have seen in previous articles on the blog. Today we will focus on the best known natural drainage and will help combat fluid retention and feel lighter and thinner .

Causes fluid retention


The causes of fluid retention may be related to a lack of healthy habits such as physical inactivity, fatigue or long hours in one position. For example, on long flights or after a night of insomnia are more likely to have a tendency to swelling of our legs.

On the other hand, when we start a diet to lose weight and take drenantes products  the first thing you lose is liquid. You’ll notice that some weight to lose, the gut and notes desinflama your legs feel lighter. Natural draining are most suitable diet begins, as in this initial phase of weight loss draining drag toxins from the burning of fats and helps the circulation of body fluids.

However, you should not abuse the drenantes because its mechanism of action is related to diuresis and we could cause a drop in blood pressure and excessive loss of potassium.

diuretics tricks

Some easy tricks you can perform and eliminate liquids are:

  1. Drink plenty of water : It may seem a contradiction, but if we do not drink water keeps the body and thus, legs and feet appear swollen .
  2. Eating healthy and balanced : There are many foods with diuretic properties, draining and purification . Examples include parsley , onion, celery or asparagus. Sure you can think of delicious dishes you could do with these ingredients.
  3. Exercising : With sports we increased sweating and therefore favor the elimination of  liquids .

Our recommendation natural drenantes

  1. Green Tea : One of diuretics par excellence of traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. Besides its astringent and draining properties green tea is a stimulant of the cardiovascular system acts astemperature regulator and can be taken to improve digestion and flatulence. You have green tea capsules and natural in .
  2. Queues Cherry : The high water content of cherries makes them good drainage and its vitamin B and magnesium makes them perfect for people with fatigue and low morale. Specifically, flavonoids and potassium cherry queues are responsible for its cleansing action.
  3. Horsetail : is a wild plant shaped duster Mediterranean, hence its name like a ponytail, used asdiuretic because it contains equisetonin. This active ingredient stimulates blood circulation kidney, thereby increasing the diuresis.
  4. Pineapple : We have commented on other occasions the anticellulite properties pineapple, but certainly their high water content and potassium make it another diuretic effective to combat fluid retention.
  5. Fennel :is an aromatic herb that can take as seasoning in foods, teas or capsules. With diuretic and digestive capacity it is one of the useful drenantes to avoid flatulence, indigestion or cramps.
  6. Buckeye : The commonly called bitter brown has among its many other properties diuretics, since it avoids the formation of edemas and stimulates kidney helping to eliminate liquids.

After introduce these natural draining, our recommendation is that if you’re dieting and want to supplement it with, opt for Draining product any of you find , since most laboratories which have are drenantes products containing components several of these plants. Discover the best work you choose between all available formats (capsules, liquid or envelopes) and begins to feel lighter .

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