National Health Plan: check the ranking of the best and worst

National Health Plan: check the ranking of the best and worst

Do you want an affordable national health plan, covering all your family and care options near your home but do not know how to find? There are several operators who provide health services, but choosing the best?

The National Health Agency (ANS) started a training program for health insurance providers which was restructured in 2015 with the goal of continuously improving the program and check the quality of these service providers.

Next, we will count how these companies are evaluated, the factors that are taken into consideration, what are the best and the worst in terms of quality and many other details.

Stay tuned to find out the ranking of health plans in Brazil and choose the best for you!

As the health insurance companies are ranked?

To be able to measure the performance of operators, it created the Performance Index of Supplementary Health. This index is calculated from indicators defined by the ANS.

Evaluate the year prior to the disclosure, ie if you are seeing the 2016 IDSS, it will be for the year 2015. Each operator receives a score ranging from 0 to 1, which falls in a range of evaluation by performance order: note 1 would be the highest.

What factors are taken into consideration?

The IDSS consists of four factors, all with the same weight. Each factor is worth 25% of the score assigned to that operator. Are they:

  • quality health care : assessing the health actions together to meet the beneficiaries; if the operator is concerned with the promotion, prevention and care provided to health, that is, if it comes, prevents and maintains the health of the people attending;
  • guaranteed access : analyzes the accessibility of beneficiaries service and supply providers network;
  • sustainability in the market : study the financial and economic balance of the operator, the degree of satisfaction and commitment to providers;
  • process management and control : notes that the operators are properly registered and following health protocols ANS.

Which are among the best?

Abertta health

Abertta health is the health plan of ArcelorMittal workers in Brazil and is ranked among the top operators in the country. With its average IDSS of 0.9553, it also covers the dental plan.

Despite being classified as a small business, you have top marks in the first quality factor in health care. It qualifies among the best since 2012 and increasing development.

UNIMED of Belo Horizonte

Their average score is 0.9542, does not have many problems with availability of hospitals and care in some municipalities. Quality in health care reaches 1 and the management processes and regulation 0.9816.

The history of the national health plan of BH shows that UNIMED is among the best since 2009, which shows a good consistency in the market.

UNIMED Morrinhos

UNIMED of Morrinhos is among the best since 2011. It has an average of 0.9311 with perfect scores in sustainability in the market and management processes and regulation. Its lower grades are still good and are in health care and ensuring access.

Amil International Medical Assistance SA

Amil had a good 2014 year growth for the year 2015, its IDSS increased from 0.7363 to 0.8898 and thus it passed to the class of the best operators.

Its lowest note is the sustainability factor in the market. However, when analyzing the other notes, we see a lack of hospitals, 24h service and availability of procedures in some municipalities, plus a proportion of inadequate cesarean deliveries.

Porto Seguro Health

As Amil, he went to the classification of the best in the year 2015. It has an average grade of 0.8960, being the lowest in ensuring access, as it has no hospitals, 24 care and emergency room in all municipalities it covers.

Which are among the worst?


This operator has a mean score of 0.3699, its quality in health care is valued at 0, access guarantee 0.229, process management and regulation at 0.6229 and 0.6277 sustainability in the market.

Much of the data provided by the company are inconsistent, which may have caused this low in the notes.

UNIMED Caratinga

It has an average of 0.3438 can also be caused by inconsistency of the data provided. However, it has good grades with respect to the provision of hospitals, 24 care and basic procedures in the municipalities to which the plan has coverage.

Real health

Despite a good score on the sustainability factor in the market was very badly evaluated in the quality area in health care and ensuring access. It also has inconsistent data.

Medical Rio

Its highest score is sustainability in the market with 0.6672. The inconsistency of the data, as well as other plans ranked among the worst, hurt their classification; It took his guaranteed access rate close to 0.16. Its average assessment is 0.3091.

Benecap Society of Health Care

This company does not have inconsistent data and still is among the worst. It average of 0.3706, with guaranteed access rates and process management and regulation in the region of 0.4. Your quality score in healthcare is 0 and its sustainability in the market .5940.

In the National Health Agency site you can find the plan that you want by name or by the evaluation group. There you will find different information related to the companies.

The indices are divided into smaller factors so we can have a better sense of how it came to that note and what really needs improvement. On the same site we have the regulations of the Operators Qualification Program, so we can better understand how it works.

Choosing a health plan is very important and at the same time, full of factors to consider. Research is needed, talk to users and use all methods available, since this ranking serves as a guide when choosing your health care provider.

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