Myths and truths about hair loss

Myths and Truths About hair loss

Recently we read in the headlines of the most important means of Spain that 9 out of 10 Spaniards are prone to baldness or androgenetic alopecia . Far from being a purely male problem (although it is the population most at risk), 40% of women also suffer from alopecia.

How to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss is a problem that worries and occupies several people, and so there are plenty of treatments that promise a solution. However, before choosing the type of hair treatment, it is important to determine the causes of alopecia as these are varied and should be treated in a special way each (hormonal, genetic, emotional, etc.).

In capillaries want to highlight those solutions that work in combating hair loss, and demystify certain beliefs rooted in the list of “good practices to regain hair” ready?

Assuming that the hair has a life cycle, which is born and dies naturally, it is important to determine when a person suffers from alopecia itself, and this is determined by the amount of hairs that fall every day. It is considered normal to lose between 50 to 100 hairs daily , however more than 100 hairs detection number and unpopulated areas and not replaced by new hair, it is a sign that there is a problem of alopecia.

There are several popular practices that are seen as good fall prevention tips, such as not washing your hair every day, use shampoos, lotions and safety nets Vitamins. However, it is important to note that hair washing is essential to allow breathing and nourish hair follicle to regrow hair. The presence of grease or dirt chokes the hair follicle. Fall arrest shampoos pose no particular assistance baldness are shampoos that do not incorporate any validated chemical component and demonstrated against alopecia, as well as certain lotions or vitamins may be functional at certain times depending on the type of alopecia which have (genetic, hormonal, etc.)

There are certain practices and products that help fight hair loss, and we list them Take note!

  1. Food : Eating a balanced diet helps to have a healthy hair and blood circulation can effectively nourish hair follicles form. Iron becomes an ally par excellence, for it tries to eat nutritiously and values the option to ingest iron supplements.
  2. Dryer heat and artifacts is important artifacts avoid using heat on the hair, such as hair dryers, irons, etc.
  3. Hair chemicals : Using perms, relaxers, dyes, etc. can affect hair health. Try to use natural products.
  4. Using lotions and fall protection products : It is shown that treatments based on finasteride minoxidil 5% (not recommended for women) are effective in combating hair loss. They are constant and lifelong treatments, but they bring results. Some products that can serve to combat alopecia are we in We mention some of them: Ducray anaphase , Ducray Creastim , Ducray Anacaps and  Ducray Neoptide .
  5. Micrografting : A surgical solution that has shown great advantages in recovering the hair in unpopulated areas.

It is important to resort to a professional should receive a significant drop hair and analyze the possible causes and take action in this regard.

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