Moisturize your skin is vital


Moisturize your skin is vital

In summer we tend to take better care of our skin and then forget it under layers of clothes in the winter season.

Now that the cold waiting at every corner we must not forget the body care is essential. Since the skin needs plus hydration to cope with the cold  and be healthy and cared for when we return to unclog.

Many of us neglect our skin in winter because we are too lazy creams us once we left the shower. Cold, rush … they are headwinds to our care.

However, we should try to make an extra effort and apply ourselves body cream every day expediently. Another trick to keep in mind is to use moisturizing shower gels really protect us and take care of our skin every day.

Are particularly suitable gels with glycerine as hidrolipídcio help restore balance of the epidermis providing a healthy skin appearance. Glycerin has a large capacity hydration and moisture, retaining the existing water in the skin to prevent dehydration.
As for the scents , today there are many options on the market. Before searching we must consider not only we benefit from their smell but also pay attention to their properties. This is the case of aloe vera and vanilla, which also left us the skin with a delicious smell its fragrance, have calming and relaxing properties that favor a soft and smooth skin.

As you can see, just follow a simple routine hydration consist not only us but can be a pleasure. So you know, this winter with have no excuses to protect your skin.

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