Menopause – the physical change

The change is usually a major change for every woman , in addition to the well-known symptoms such as hot flashes or mood swings, it also comes due to the hormonal change to a physical change .


More than half of all women gain weight and their figure changes. In the climacteric a woman consumes about 400 calories per day less than a 25-year-old, because less and less energy is needed to mature the egg, ovulation or menstruation.


Another reason for the physical change is the declining basal metabolic rate, as well as the age-related decrease in muscle mass. In combination with the declining progesterone level and the resulting excess of estrogen, which is responsible for increased water retention , there is an increased build-up of abdominal fat . Belly fat is not only a visual problem for many women, it can also have health consequences, such as diabetes or the metabolic syndrome, with it.


As long as it only takes a few kilograms of body weight – as has been shown in clinical trials – the extra body weight may even have a positive effect on your health.


It is important in this phase of life to find its own ” feel good weight ” without putting itself under pressure. In addition, attention should be paid to sufficient exercise . Sport is not only good for the body and promotes muscle growth but can also help with stress relief .


Thanks to the great  variety of sports, there  is something for every woman. For relaxation and balance provide quieter sports such as yoga or Pilates. And for those who want to exhaust themselves choose one of the many fitness classes from stomach, leg, butt to Zumba.


In addition to the exercise, with the right diet and supplementation, the feel-good weight can be reached faster.

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