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Med Tour Meet the network accredited

Just over 20 years, was born the idea of creating something to contemplate not only the prevention of health, but improve the quality of life of the patient as a whole. Was accredited network Med Tour , which combines concepts of medicine and leisure, and offers partners the opportunity to pursue a healthy life through guided services, since the seriousness, the humanization and respect for the human being.

Health is a right of every citizen and a duty of the state. Is the Federal Constitution (FC) 1988 document that legitimized the Unified Health System (SUS) – whose task is to fulfill what is written in the CF and especially provide a decent health care for more than 200 million Brazilian citizens.

This reality, however, is far from existing in the country. While lacking equipment, structure, engaged professionals and willingness to invest in public health services, growing waiting lists for basic care. In the capital of São Paulo, together with security, health was in 2016, the main complaint of 40% of the population .

With this framework, companies like Med Tour arise as a hope for millions of families seeking quality living and happiness. So much so that today, more than 50 million people already have private health plans  – and this rate continues to grow, with an increase of about 10% per year.

First operator of Guarulhos

When it was created on February 25, 1995, Med Tour might have no concept of how much expansion would be in the short term. In just one year, the company had already received from the National Health Agency (ANS) provisional registration as the first carrier to operate in Guarulhos, in Greater São Paulo, and had already signed base in the city.

In 2017, Guarulhos became  the largest city not capital of the country according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) that are referenced in July 2017. At that time, the number of inhabitants of the municipality has passed 1.3 million. In the Brazilian ranking of the most populous cities, including the capital, it appears in the thirteenth, ahead of cities like Campinas and São Gonçalo.

Headquarters inauguration

With the advancement of cases, the Tour Med opened in 2002, its first own headquarters . With 2,500 sqm, the project was built to meet with more comfort and convenience to members of the company.

The following year, was fulfilled another step toward the expansion of services: Tour Med hired a clinic to cover customers in Sao Miguel Paulista, in the east of the capital of São Paulo.

Expansion of the activities of accredited Med Tour Network

With Guarulhos and expanding its membership growing, the company has consolidated its name and expanded its activities seeking to offer more quality and diversity in serving the population.

For excellence and commitment to associates, received several awards such as the “Top of Quality” in 2005 and 2008. The award seeks to highlight companies who care about the quality of their care and, above all, lead with your business dignity, respect and ethics in order to contribute to economic growth and the development of a more egalitarian society in the country.

Another award received by the company was the “Gold”, awarded by the Order of the Parliamentarians of Brazil (OPB). Your goal is to recognize those who meet “their responsibilities and their duties to the Brazilian society and, by extension, with humanity as a whole as well as prioritize, among others, the environmental issue.”

This path of expansion, the company opened in 2016 a new headquarters. This time with 4.500m², is considered one of the most modern clinics of Guarulhos region. The operation takes place at Rua Bras Cubas, 83, in the city center.

Calls to individuals represent 70%

Today, the company has 50,000 customers spread across Guarulhos, São Paulo and the rest of Greater São Paulo. Most members reside in Guarulhos (70%), where it all began. Of the total of people who adhered to the plans of the Tour Med, 70% are individuals looking for differentiated and efficient service and 30% are companies looking for coverage and to offer the right to health to its employees.

hospital complex construction

It is currently under construction in Guarulhos hospital complex Maternity Hospital and Notre Dame. Considered one of the most modern in the region, the facility follows strict safety criteria, hospitality and quality. In addition, a reference in technology and body highly qualified and specialized doctor.

Best service points

The Med Tour seeks to expand, always, the coverage offered to members. Currently it has a comprehensive network that includes the best hospitals in São Paulo. Check out:

  • on the east side of St. Paul: St. Michael Hospital and Maternity Hospital May 8, Helena Hospital Garden, Hospital Santa Marcelina, Masterclin Hospital, Emergency Room Vila Netherlands, Day Hospital and Salvage Foreign Ministry;
  • in the south of the capital: Salvage Foreign Ministry;
  • in the north São Paulo: Prevent Health and Hospital President;
  • in the center of São Paulo: Salvage of Pari;
  • in Caieiras: Emed Hospital;
  • Guarulhos: Maternity Hospital Stella Maris (Itapegica). Maternity Hospital Good Climate (good climate) and Guarulhos Health Hospital (Gopouva);
  • in Arujá: Maternity Hospital Ama (center);
  • in Santos: Hospitals Ana Costa Grande Beach, Guaruja, São Vicente and Cubatão.

Distinctive and special plans

With fit in your pocket and the needs of the associated service.

There are family and for civil servants individual plans. In both cases, are offered unique benefits in terms of need, accommodation, hospital admissions and emergency care.

With respect to the individual and love of man, the  provider network Med Tour has the ability to take each person a new concept of health, well-being and leisure, through services with competence, ethics and honesty.

Are you interested? Do not waste time and quality of life! Please contact Med Tour and become an associate of health prevention!


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