Medical guide for each health plan: understand the consultation

Medical guide for each health plan: understand the consultation

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If you are a doctor, has a clinic or office, and you want to answer by health plans, it is essential to be informed about the characteristics and values ​​passed on by each health insurance company market option. And the way to know all the features of these companies and what they offer, is to consult the Medical Guide, document in which insurers inform the accredited list, the amount paid for consultation and all rights and benefits of medical referenced by its service network.

Each health plan company therefore uses the Physician Guide to publish the information about clinics and specialists that cater for their health insurance. Thus, the goal is to make life easier for beneficiaries who, over the internet, without leaving home, can know what are the professionals who serve by their health plans. But the Medical Guide is also valuable for healthcare professionals, it is through the document you can know your competitors.

Want to understand the consultation of the Medical Guide for each health insurance carrier? So, check out the tips and information on the subject that we have for you in this post!

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Inside consultations Medical Guide operators

All health insurance carriers offer the Medical Guide through their websites, in order to inform the beneficiaries which are the clinics, offices, laboratories, health professionals and experts attending by their covenants. With the feature, the public can also check the registration number with the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) for each healthcare provider that meets the operator and thus verify that the doctor in the CRM situation is regular.

Taking into consideration that today most of the beneficiaries are aware of the CRM of each doctor, it is essential to be inside the Medical Guide operators and verify that your registration number is regular and active. So if you are a licensed health plan operators, be sure to use the tool to check if your clinic is in the list and all the information is correct, so that patients can find their medical center easier.

Other key information Medical Guide is the query value. That is, if you plan to have partnership with a health insurance provider, check what are the values ​​passed on by these companies, it is common that some insurers offer more advantages than others.

What information is in the Medical Guide?

The Medical Guide for each health insurance company, you have the following information:

– Name of doctors accredited by the health insurance company;

– registration number at the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM);

– Specialty;

– Address;

– Commercial phone;

– Fax;

– Email;

– Query Value.

That is, the remedy provided by operators informs beneficiaries everything they need to choose the doctor / clinic of your choice and, therefore, easily be found in this list is something that can take more patients to their medical center. With the Medical Guide for each insurer, you can also analyze the amount of professionals offering the same kind of care you and, with this information, develop strategies that differentiate you from your competitors.

Take the Medical Guide to better understand the health plan operators, what services they provide to beneficiaries and who are the health professionals, clinics and offices that are already accredited by the company!

How the consultation of the Medical Guide in each health plan?

As stated earlier in this article, today virtually all health insurance companies offer the Medical Guide through their respective websites. But there is also the document with all the information in the printed version, which is delivered to patients and the medical health plan so that they know all their rights and the clinics and hospitals that cater for that operator.

For beneficiaries, in general, the query is simple, considering that just choose the specialty seeking and Medical Guide informs all accredited professionals, in addition to address information, telephone and CRM. For doctors and health professionals, consult the tool provided by health plans is how to know the value that these companies pass on to accredited professionals and what are the services provided to referenced.

Thus, if the goal is to stay on the functioning of the health insurance companies, be sure to consult the Medical Guide available in print and online. Analyze what services are provided to registered physicians as central specialized service, date of payment, benefits and value of consulting, among others. After all, this is still the best way to find out which health insurance companies more advantageous to their clinic or office.

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