Marketing in health: how to create strategic planning

Marketing in health: how to create strategic planning

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No use open office and cross our fingers, hoping the bell ringing. By the way, if you work in a building that offers various offices, there are great chances that you are overwhelmed by anxiety and despair, thinking of the accounts and investments versus returns.

To avoid these problems and create a business that tends to profit, thriving more each day, we need to study and planning. We do not want to ride a practice that is doomed to fail as soon as he faced the first crisis. We want an office that has a solid foundation and you know the shortest paths to follow in times of greatest difficulty.

So you unleash with a well done marketing in health, subject of today’s article, we will indicate the steps you need to follow to create a killer strategic planning for your business. So get to work, to win its rightful place in the sun.

marketing importance in health

There is a world of business tip that may seem a little strange at first:

Do not just be. It must also appear to be.

But before twisting the nose, let me explain what I mean by that phrase.

You made a college, participate in study groups, graduate courses, among others. Besides, I always read magazines and journals in your area, to be attuned to the findings and trends in its universe of action. That’s being.

For “seem to be” you should also invest in actions to strengthen its efforts to be a quality professional.

Hang the diplomas on the wall is a great way to show of your efforts. A copy of newspaper articles placed in the office and on your website are also a positive publicity. There is also his prescription pad, which can hold their titles (master’s, doctoral, post-doctoral specializations) by weight of universities in Brazil and abroad. All this is allowed and helps to create an image of authority in their way of acting.

However, I wish us if only that solve our problems, right?

These small actions have been generating a buzz, a mouth propaganda positive word about their references and their work. So you do with your patients are satisfied with the service and to indicate their circle of friends, colleagues and family.

But unfortunately we know that if you want to go through times of crisis calmly, just relying on word of mouth is not the best option. Imagine leaving your monthly billing only rely on information from their patients? All exemplary training to depend on the goodwill of their patients?

We in the iMedicina we do not think much of it.

Every business (yes, his office is a company!) Who wants to grow and become recognized need to invest in their own image, duh!

So, do not be ashamed to appear to be as good as you already are! The only advertising that can in no way is a liar.

Main stages of marketing in health

I imagine your question now is: “how do I make my marketing plan in health?”. Separated below the main stages with an explanation of how they work.

We also have a cool e-book on the subject:

Analysis of the current situation

How’s your business? What percentage of patients who do not return after the first visit (see tips for loyalty here) and how is the flow of new patients? How do you deal with vacant schedules? How does the management of your card patients? What makes for their patients maintain monitoring in your office?

By placing the tip of the pencil all the information about the current scenario is easier to understand the rights and wrongs to start trace the paths to success.

The first step that should be done is, without doubt, a good planning. And this is so important, but SO IMPORTANT, that their lack is the leading cause of death of small business in the early years of operation, according to SEBRAE.

One of the most important documents is part of the operation start of any business is the Business Plan. And research with healthcare professionals, we found that less than 1%  of these professionals made the business plan of the office itself.

Many do not even know where to start!

Let’s change that now?


Knowledge of your target audience

Depending on their specialty, it becomes easier to know who their patients and how to behave and place.

Example classic? Offices that serve children who have toys in the waiting room and rely on a more relaxed atmosphere even within the consulting room. The beneficiaries are the only small, but the decision makers, officials, who have just preferring who knows and understands the needs.

Knowing the target audience is deeply important to you norteie your campaigns and your tone to just talk to whoever you want around. If your audience is younger, more informal and relaxed tone. If you’re older, closer and welcoming tone.

Create a PERSONA (stereotype of your ideal patient) is simply fundamental to any office worth its salt! With clearly identified target audience it is much easier to find him in the crowd (and cheaper too!)

Competition Analysis

From the example above, we can also understand a little about competition. Toys and customizing the consultation room are up to a difference between those who deal with children, but it is necessary to study all the other doctors in the same specialty offer. different times, marking and monitoring of waiting via internet … So, it is possible to establish the average consultation rates, benefits, who meets every health plan and etc.

Knowing the competition is a strategic step to organize your brand positioning.

How do you want to be known? What do you do differently? Why should we make an appointment with you instead of marking with your competitor?

A good brand positioning is what you will be remembered by those who most interests you: your ideal audience.

Definition of strategies and actions

Armed with all this information, it’s time to draw your planning. Worth here to practice mental exercise to put in place the patient in order to change the view and offer the best solutions.

Satisfaction surveys can help a lot to help you find the best ways.

And with this information in hand, we began to tease out the best ways and forms of action. Based on these definitions, we set the tone to use on the site, how to approach patients by phone or e-mail, which the most interesting subjects to deal with digital content on our blog and what facilities provide our followers.

Here it is important to list actions from simple to more complicated, raising necessary costs and investments.

Establishing a timeline

Just what good do all this and not set deadlines. Therefore, separate the goals of short, medium and long-term pursue the objectives outlined. Oh, and mistakes are a part. So calm and follow – up are essential.

Effectiveness evaluation

So, what results these strategies are bringing you? Without measuring the results, not much good all the hard work that was done. Recalls that at the beginning you have an environment analysis, packed with essential numbers?

Compare with the current scenario, lift that did not work, which was successful and get ready for the next round. After all, good marketing is marketing with quality and continuity.

I will not lie. It takes work, yes. But – I guarantee! – worth it. Gradually you will see that many of the initial efforts will promote improvements including the embodiment of the bureaucratic part of the work, leaving you more time to do the best, meet the patient with quality.

The health marketing serves for that: help you work out how much you want and with more quality. So, invest it to grow!


The iMedicina can help you in this marketing journey! We have a unique tool of digital marketing management, which was developed with a focus on their needs around the office. Learn more about our solution: click here and talk to one of our consultants!

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