Mapping, your ally for a perfect face

Mapping, your ally for a perfect face

Have you ever thought what it says your skin about you? The mapping or facial map within Chinese medicine is a technique that helps us know what happens to the body. Through the observation of different points of your face we can identify the damage of the past in the body to start solving them . In want to start the year in the best way possible and we will help you with this innovative technique for you to get to be good inside ratifies your face. Share in our social networks with the hashtag  #byebyearrugas your tricks for perfect skin.

Solutions to the signs of aging

Often we cling to tonics and creams to solve our facial problems. Although these are effective (provided you choose the right one for your skin), not always solve a problem entirely because we need to improve our quality of life. We will analyze the different areas of our face to see what the best combination of treatment and changes in lifestyle :

  1. Front : The appearance of pimples on the forehead is a symptom of digestive problems and gallbladder. If you have increased saturated fat in your diet will surely be the reason for these uncomfortable grains. You can fight in several ways: drinking 2 liters of water; avoid processed foods and eliminates refined sugar; drink 2 cups of green tea every day.
  2. Entrecejo : It is the reflection of your liver as well as allergies. The solution is then cut down or alcohol or heavy meals and eliminate dairy
  3. Cheekbones : Granites area near your cheekbones and your ears is indicative of kidney problems. Drink plenty of water and eliminates soft drinks and caffeine.
  4. Cheeks : The redness of the cheeks and granites in this area indicate a problem with the system respiratorio.Si are a smoker, quit smoking and do breathing exercises that help you improve your lung capacity.
  5. Eyes : acne at the bottom of the cheeks can mean poor oral cleanliness. Chapel your teeth regularly and you should notice improvements. Dark circles and eye bags can be linked to kidney problems and indicate that you are dehydrated. Drink more water, avoid coffee, sleep more and prevents the salt from the afternoon.
  6. Nose : This is the area that speaks of our hearts. Nose is common to see large pores. Faced with this problem, we recommend paying attention to cleaning your hands and your makeup brushes because the bacteria seize every opportunity to invade your pores. Date massage around your nose to improve circulation in this area; low consumption of red meat and salt; do aerobic exercise.
  7. Chin : granites and eruptions in this area are related to the digestive system and stress. Improve your diet walking away from fried and processed foods in favor of fruits, vegetables, fiber and water. Mint tea or warm water with lemon fasting will also help to improve this part of your face.
  8. Neck : If you feel discomfort in the neck usually means you’re incubating some bacteria. If you are also accompanied by breakouts and red spots, we recommend plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids and increase the intake of vitamin C to strengthen your immune system.

We hope to have offered a wide ray of the most common problems of our body that externalize our face. Follow our advice and choose the best products of in section MISSION POSSIBLE #byebyearrugas to achieve balance and show your best face to the world .

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